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iPhone 6 pics REVEALED!

Are you ready to see the brand new iPhone? You sure? Okay, here it is…

iPhone 6

Yep, that’s the iPhone 6 (on the left) in all of its glory…apparently. The pictures were posted by Taiwanese actor Jimmy Lin on the Chinese social network Weibo.

That might sounds like a dubious source, but Jimmy has a track record for leaking legitimate pictures of Apple products. He previously revealed pre-release pictures of the iPhone 5 and iPad Air, both of which turned out to be legitimate.

With production apparently in full swing on the new device, and an expected September release date, it seems perfectly reasonable that these pictures are the real deal.

So, what have we learned from the pictures? Well, the iPhone 6 looks very much like the iPhone 5, except a bit bigger. The screen is a whopping (for an iPhone) 4.8”, and a sleeker back and rounded edges make it look like the current best-looking phone on the market, the HTC One.

Unfortunately, the pictures Jimmy posted just show the shell, so we don’t know much more about the actual functionality of the phone. But reports this week have revealed a little bit more about what to expect…

A 2nd, Bigger iPhone (and possibly a 3rd model too)

Apparently the iPhone 6 pictured isn’t the only model being released this year. According to various reports, a ‘phablet’ version of the 6 will be released in either October or November. This model will have a 5.5” inch screen, which is bigger than the Samsung Galaxy S5.

But it doesn’t stop there: there might even be a 3rd version of the iPhone 6, tentatively titled the iPhone Air. Like the iPad Air, this model will be sleeker and thinner like the Galaxy S4 and HTC One.

The other features

Actual details on the new features of the iPhone 6 are thin on the ground at the moment, presumably so Apple can add and remove features up until the actual launch.

Neverthless, rumours are rife about potential features. The big one at the moment is near-field communication (NFC), which will allow for wireless payments and charging. NFC was actually a planned feature of the iPhone 5, but was pulled at the 11th hour, so this seems like an obvious feature for the new model.

There have also been suggestions that the iPhone 6 will include a faster LTE radio, which probably doesn’t mean anything to average smartphone user. According to reports, it’ll mean faster data speeds – which is nice.

As always, Apple are notorious for removing  and adding features at the last minute, so we won’t know exactly what the iPhone 6 will be like until its official launch. Based on reports, though, it could be the best iPhone yet.

The iPhone 6 is due out in September, so sell your iPhone 5 and start saving now!