Do It Tomorrow

The Surprisingly Easy App of the Week: Do It (Tomorrow)

Every week, we bring you an app that’ll make your life easier. This week, it’s the turn of Do It (Tomorrow), a to-do list app with a difference…

What is it?

Do It (Tomorrow), by the developer’s own admission, is a to-do list designed especially for procrastinators. You get one sheet of (virtual) paper, a (virtual) pencil and that’s about it; you write down your tasks for the day and tick them off. If you don’t complete a task, it moves to the next day (or you can move it yourself).

Why is it surprisingly easy?

Do It (Tomorrow) is ridiculously simple, which is a massive plus point in a world filled with over-the-top productivity apps designed to turn you into an ultra-efficient drone. You can see what you need to do today and tomorrow, and that’s it.

The best bit

There are no passive-aggressive alerts if a task is ‘overdue’ as Do It (Tomorrow) simply moves any tasks you didn’t complete to the next day. It sounds like a simple feature, but it’ll do wonders for your stress levels.

The downside

It’s a bit too tempting to push all of your tasks to tomorrow and sit around playing games in your pants instead (although this isn’t a problem if ‘sit around playing games in my pants’ was one of your to-do tasks).

Download Do It (Tomorrow) on iOS | Download Do It (Tomorrow) on Android

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