The surprisingly easy way to declutter your DVDs before Christmas

In case you hadn't guessed from the non-stop barrage of festive adverts that hit our screens this weekend (yes, the Coca-Cola one has been on too"¦), Christmas is just around the corner.

And with Christmas comes presents – including, no doubt, quite a few DVDs.

There's a bumper crop of releases this year, such X-Men: Days of Future Past, How to Train Your Dragon 2, Transformers: Age of Extinction and Pudsey The Dog: The Movie (don't deny it; it's top of your Christmas list). You can check out the best of the bunch in this blog post.

Unfortunately, getting new DVDs for Christmas leads to a whole new problem: clutter. Gifts, as lovely as they are, still take up space, and that may be space you don't have.

Luckily, we're here to help. Here are some top decluttering tips to help you clean up your DVD collection before the inevitable Christmas influx.

Return the DVDs you've borrowed from other people

Every now and again, you'll look at your DVD collection and wonder: "˜where on Earth did I get that copy of Couples Retreat from?'

And then you'll remember; you borrowed it from your mate Dave five years ago, but never watched it and never gave it back. The chances are you've got a few more borrowed DVDs in there too.

Giving stuff back after quite a long time (and if you've forgotten that you've borrowed them, it's probably been a long time) can be awkward but it's worth it. You'll be surprised how much space you'll make.

Check out our top traded charts

Picking which DVDs to sell and which to keep is always difficult, but we've come up with a handy way to help you decided: our top traded DVD charts.

Every now and again, we publish the 10 titles our customers are trading the most of. You'll usually get a decent price for these titles, so it's well worth considering selling your copies if you've got any on your shelves.

Follow the one-in one-out rule of decluttering

The ultimate rule of effective DVD decluttering is simple: one in, one out. That means for every DVD you buy, you sell another.

That might sound like quite a drastic approach, but it actually makes quite a lot of sense. Every DVD you buy is another DVD you won't be watching. Pick out a film you haven't watched in ages and get rid of it. Your collection won't actually go down in size, but it won't grow out of control either.

Find out what you're getting

This is a little bit naughty, but it's probably the best way to make sure you're selling the right DVDs. There are a number of methods, honed by crafty children over the years, to find out what you're getting: our favourites are the good old search around the house, and telling whomever you suspect has bought you a present that you're planning to buy it yourself (then watching them desperately trying to convince you not to).

If you're really lucky, your present-giver will use rubbish wrapping paper that you can see through!

Once you've figured out what you're getting, you can make an informed choice on which of your DVDs you should sell (although you will have ruined Christmas).

If you're planning on decluttering your DVD collection, why not sell DVDs with musicMagpie?

Main image credit: Will Keightley on Flickr, via Creative Commons.