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The Surprisingly Easy App of the Week: Runkeeper

The weather has picked up, which means there’s no excuse not to go for a run. That’s why we’ve chosen this week’s app, which makes running on a regular basis even easier!

What is it?

Runkeeper is hardly a hidden secret; it’s one of the most popular running apps around, and for good reason.

Runkeeper features tracking for runs, walks, bike rides, workouts and much more using GPS. Over the course of your workout, Runkeeper calculates your pace, the distance you’ve covered and the calories you’ve burnt. The results are presented on screen or via audio depending on your preferences.

It also features pre-planned routes, training plans and full integration with most fitness trackers.

Why is it surprisingly easy?

Unlike some other running apps, Runkeeper has been designed for both beginner and experience runners. It’s simple interface and guidance means its not too daunting for new joggers (a major issue with other apps!), but it offers enough customisation for runners who know what programmes they want to follow and what data they want to access.

Another major advantage is that Runkeeper doesn’t operate in isolation. It can integrate with a number of apps, including MyFitnessPal, SleepCycle and Spotify.

The best bit

It’s so easy to use! You don’t need to have a sports science degree to get the most out of Runkeeper, which makes it brilliant for beginners. The guided programmes should be enough to stave off the temptation of an evening on the sofa too!

Equally, it’s a great app to use if you do know how best to use your running data. It’ll give you pretty much everything you need to tailor your workout to your goals.

Oh, and its free too.

The downside

It can’t physically make you go outside and run. That’s an obstacle you’ll have to tackle yourself, although we reckon a few inspirational quotes sent through push notifications would help.

Download Runkeeper on iOS | Download Runkeeper on Android

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