The Surprisingly Easy App of the Week: Cities Talking

Every Thursday, we bring you an app that’ll make your life easier. This week, it’s the turn of Cities Talking, your very own tour guide.

What is it?

Cities Talking is a collection of city tours, all housed in one handy app. Whereas going on a tour traditionally involves handing over half of your holiday money to stand in a large group of people straining to hear your slightly irritating guide, Cities Talking tours provide you with a GPS marked route and allow you to stroll along at your leisure. When you hit a ‘pin’, the tour will provide you with some interesting facts about the location.

The app currently features tours for London, Amsterdam, Berlin, New York, Edinburgh, Bruges, Budapest, Rome, Prague, Venice, Athens, Lisbon and more. There’s even a tour for Ibiza, if you fancy a break from jumping around to Balearic House for a while.

Why is it surprisingly easy?

Whichever tour you take, you’re completely in control. If you want to take a break from your tour and nip off for a swift pint or some lunch, you just press pause, do what you need to do and hit play when you’re ready to resume the tour. It gives you a freedom that traditional tours don’t.

The best bit

The tours are surprisingly brilliant and detailed. They’re entertaining too, with engaging voice actors (the London tours are voiced by none other than Christopher Biggins) and enough secrets and hidden tales to keep you interested. If you’re exploring a city for the first time or just want to take in a bit of history, you can’t go far wrong.

Any downsides?

It’s not necessarily a downside but while the app is free to download, you have to pay to access the tours. The good news is that prices start from £4.99, which isn’t actually that bad when you consider the average going rate for a city tour.

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