7 shocking (and possibly true) fan theories about your favourite books

When you immerse yourself in something that you care about, it’s no surprise that you’ll overanalyse it. That’s pretty much how fan theories are born! So, when it comes to works of literature, you can see why these theories arise.

We’ve pulled together some of the craziest theories we could find, to create a weird and wonderful list that might just change your view on some of the best works of literature ever.


Nick is in love with Gatsby

Nick Carraway isn’t exactly shy about how much he admires Jay Gatsby. He’s taken in by his parties, his demeanour and incredible home ”“ so much so, that he is more than happy to get Daisy and Gatsby together. Whilst Gatsby’s infatuation with his former flame Daisy Buchanan is clear from the outset, Nick’s love for Gatsby is a bit better hidden. Nick is set up with Jordan Baker and Myrtle’s sister Catherine but neither have a lasting impact; unlike his neighbour. Nick is the only one who stays for Gatsby’s funeral and openly condemns the others.



Winnie the Pooh characters represent mental illness

This one will hit you right in your childhood. Eeyore being portrayed as somewhat miserable is nothing new ”“ he pretty much lives under a dark cloud ”“ but it’s believed that all of the characters represent a different mental illness. Winnie the Pooh has an eating disorder, Piglet suffers from anxiety whereas Owl is dyslexic with short-term memory loss. Tigger suffers from ADHD, Kanga has anxiety and Roo is autistic. Rabbit has OCD, Eeyore suffers from depression and finally, Christopher Robin is suffering from schizophrenia.




Willy Wonka is a cannibal

Roald Dahl’s beloved chocolatier, Willy Wonka, might just have a darker side. Inspired by the Cadbury and Rowntree rivalry during his childhood, Dahl’s creation Willy Wonka is somewhat of an enigma; closing his factory and disappearing into the wilderness, only to reopen it to five recipients of a golden ticket. On their tour, each child gets knocked off one by one ”“ and it’s thought that Wonka is a cannibal. The disobedient children suffer different fates with one very familiar outcome; they’re used to make the Wonka candy. Charlie’s survival is thought to mean he will be framed for the crime.




Westeros is Middle Earth

The worlds of The Lord of the Rings and A Game of Thrones combine as there is a theory that Westeros, where much of the action of GoT takes place, is actually Middle Earth. Whilst this theory is deep running, a few takeaway ideas include House Lannister are descendants of the last remaining dwarves of Middle Earth ”“ hence why Tyrion is born a dwarf, a recessive trait from his bloodline and Melisandre’s red gem necklace comes from the ring Narya that Gandalf wears ”“ the Ring of Fire.





Shakespeare didn’t write his works

As you can imagine, these kinds of theories have been around for some time. The true authorship of Shakespeare’s works has been questioned as there is nothing in his background to show he was literate. Both his parents signed their names with a mark and any examples of their literacy don’t exist. William Shakespeare’s own signature appears in six different versions and have been interpreted as indicating he’s barely literate. One of the names believed to behind Shakespeare’s most famous works is his contemporary Christopher Marlowe.




There is no Mr Hyde

Robert Louis Stevenson’s novel The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde has fascinated readers for generations, making us think about the good and the evil in each person. As we don’t get to see things from Hyde’s perspective, it’s just from Jekyll’s somewhat unreliable evidence, it’s lead some to believe that Hyde doesn’t exist at all. The alter ego of Hyde is a mere excuse for the things Jekyll has always wanted to do but wouldn’t as he’s seen as a ”˜good’ man. If he’s an unreliable narrator, why would we believe there is a Hyde?




Mr Darcy made his money through slavery

Elizabeth Bennet’s love interest from Pride and Prejudice might not be as lovely as some of us had hoped. The romantic hero, Fitzwilliam Darcy, is wealthy with an income of more than £10,000 a year. How could he make such an amount of money? Well, it’s believed he earned so much as he was involved in the slave trade. Novelist Joanna Trollope has said Pemberley was built “on proceeds of the coal mines in Derbyshire.”




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