117 Brand New Emojis for Android and iOS

Did you know there are currently 3,304 emojis? World Emoji Day 2020 on July 17th gave us a whole load of new emoji previews we can't wait to see released!

Apple and Android are set to release 117 emojis. Emojipedia predicts they'll be published in August by Android, and around October or November time for iOS and macOS.

Check out what your next favourite emoji might be!

What emojis are coming out in 2020? 🙌

From new animals to a Bubble Tea emoji, the second half of 2020 is going to get a lot more interesting with these new emojis:

  • Smiling Face with tear
  • Ninja (with skin tones) 
  • Pinched fingers (with skin tones)
  • Bubble Tea 
  • Miliary helmet
  • Mousetrap 
  • Transgender flag 
  • Transgender symbol
  • Headstone
  • Toothbrush
  • Bucket 
  • Plunger 
  • Window 
  • Mirror
  • Coin 
  • Boomerang
  • Long drum 
  • Accordion 
  • Knot 
  • Thong sandal

AND so many more here

How do I get the new emojis?🤷

The best way to get the new 2020 emojis is by updating your emoji keyboard. When the new emojis get released, you'll need to update your device if it has not automatically updated.

Who won the World Emoji Awards? 🏅

Which has been your favourite emoji so far? This year's World Emoji Awards announced the most popular, most anticipated and most 2020 emoji!

The most popular emoji:

Brown heart 🤎

White heart 🤍

Yawing face 🥱

Most anticipated emoji (these won't be published till the other half of 2020):

Smiling face with tear

Transgender flag

Pinched fingers

The most 2020 emoji have been inspired by current events:

Raised fist emoji ✊🏿

Microbe emoji 🦠

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