International E-waste Day 2022

Happy International E-waste Day! This year’s theme focuses on the small electricals we hold onto or throw away in the general waste bin.

Read on to find out how you can make a difference this International E-waste Day!

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What is e-waste?

E-waste is any electronic item that is nearing the end of its useful life, and is discarded, donated or recycled.

What is International E-waste Day?

International E-waste Day is held on the 14th of October every year to raise awareness of e-waste. 

There is a dedicated theme each year, with this year’s focus on the small electricals that we no longer use but keep in drawers, cupboards or dispose of in the general waste bin.

What is the environmental impact of e-waste?

It’s predicted nearly 60 million metric tonnes of e-waste will be generated globally this year and it’s estimated the UK produces over 133,141 tonnes of e-waste each month! 

When e-waste isn’t recycled responsibly and is sent to landfill sites, it takes thousands of years to decompose.

E-waste contributes to increased CO2 emissions, pollution, and health problems in developing countries, as well as putting pressure on the Earth’s raw materials. 

With the demand for technology increasing evermore, this impacts the number of devices thrown away in landfill sites.

Sustainable changes to help reduce e-waste

Every time you replace a piece of tech, such as your phone, iPad, laptop or console, it could contribute to growing e-waste unless it’s recycled. 

Here are some easy but effective ways you can actively make a difference to the planet this International E-waste Day!

Clear out your drawers

Research from musicMagpie suggests that the average household in the UK has an estimated £842.12 worth of unused tech at home! 

Selling your unwanted devices can help give them a second life and reduce e-waste.

Take care of your tech

One of the easiest ways to reduce your impact on e-waste is to treat your electronics with care. Looking after your devices means they will last longer, naturally reducing the amount of e-waste produced.

Buy refurbished tech

Did you know a brand-new smartphone generates an average of 85 kilograms in emissions in its first year of use

By choosing to buy refurbished tech instead of new, you’ll keep products in circulation for longer, save precious materials and reduce the demand for new devices.

Wait longer to upgrade

Short upgrade cycles are a contributor to the levels of e-waste being produced. Instead of upgrading straight away once your contract is up, why not hold onto your phone for a little while longer? Using the device for longer will make a big difference to the amount of e-waste produced.

Invest in technology built to last

It is important to make sure that you’re purchasing good quality tech that won’t break after a couple of uses.

Where to recycle tech?

Recycling your unwanted devices properly prevents them from ending up in landfill and causing numerous environmental issues. 

Recycle tech or sell your phone with musicMagpie, the UK’s #1 Recycling Service and give your devices a second life!

We believe in a circular economy where products are resold, recycled, refurbished and reused.  

Every year, musicMagpie gives a new life to over 400,000 consumer tech items. Plus, we refurbish 95% of the products we receive and use the parts from the remaining 5% to refurbish other products.

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