Mother's Day movies every mum will love

Need some inspiration for Mother's Day gifts? Try something different this year with a movie night in with some Mother's Day movies your mum is bound to love!

No matter what kind of films your mum prefers, there's something for every mum in our list of best Mother's Day films. Keep reading to find your mum's perfect movie match in time for Mother's Day!

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For the mums with little ones:


Perfect for mums who want to snuggle in with their little ones, Brave follows a Scottish princess who's determined to make her own path in life. Unfortunately for the princess, this leads her to unknowingly curse her mother, turning her into a grizzly bear.

The storyline is very much mother and daughter orientated, as the princess must set out with her newly cursed mum to break the witch's spell and turn her mother back to her human form.

It's funny, kid-friendly and the mother-daughter plot reminds us just how important our mums are, making it a perfect Mother's Day movie to watch with the family!

For mums in need of a feel-good film:

The Blind Side

While you might not immediately think of your mum when watching The Blind Side, Sandra Bullock's take on Leigh Anne Tuohy is the epitome of a mother's love and will leave you feeling thankful for everything your mum does for you.

The Blind Side is based on the true story of Michael Oher, a homeless black teen that is taken in by the Tuohys. Both Michael's and the Tuohy's lives are changed forever and Michael eventually becomes part of the family for good.

With a mix of American football and other factors within the plot, the true theme throughout the film is the love of a family, especially the love of a mother, making it the perfect feel-good Mother's Day film to watch!

For the mums who love a musical:

Mamma Mia

Probably one of the most loved musical films of all time, Mamma Mia could be the treat your mum needs this Mother's Day if she's a big fan of musicals, the theatre and more importantly ABBA.

The film stars Meryl Streep as Donna, an independent hotelier in the Greek islands preparing for her daughter's (Sophie, played by Amanda Seyfried) wedding day. Unbeknownst to her, Sophie has invited three men from her mother's past in hopes that one of the men is her father.

If your mum enjoys comedy, romance and a little bit of singing and dancing, settle in and watch Mamma Mia together!

For mums with troublesome teens:

Freaky Friday

Teenage years can be hard to handle, for both the parents and the kids. One perfect example of this struggle is Freaky Friday.

Single mother Tess (Jamie Lee Curtis) and her teenage daughter Anna (Lindsay Lohan) are just so different that they're almost always bickering. After a strange meal out at a Chinese restaurant, the pair wake up the next day to discover that they have somehow switched bodies.

Unable to switch back, the duo are forced to masquerade as one another until a solution can be found. Because of this, both get a deeper insight into each other's daily struggles, which prompts a new sense of respect and understanding for one another.

Freaky Friday explores the sometimes tough relationship between parents and teenagers so well, adding humour and relatable experiences that will make you both reminisce about your own. It's definitely one to watch with your mum if you want to apologise for being a troublesome teen or if your younger siblings are at that stage currently!

For the mums doing it all:

Erin Brockovich 

If your mum needs reminding of just how much she's capable of, choose Erin Brockovich for your Mother's Day movie night in!

Based on a true story, Erin Brockovich (Julia Roberts) is a single mum that's struggling to find a job and provide for her family. After pleading her attorney for a job at his law firm and facing the judgemental looks within the office, Erin stumbles upon some medical records that look a bit fishy.

She convinces her boss to let her follow up on the records, where she discovers a huge cover-up involving contaminated water that has and is still causing devastating illnesses to the local residents.

Ready to fight for the people affected, Erin shows the world exactly what she's capable of. As the saying goes, you shouldn't judge a book by its cover, and Erin Brockovich is a perfect example!

For mums who love a scare or two:

The Babadook

Not everyone can love a rom-com or a musical, so if your mum is more into scary or spooky films, The Babadook is a good middle-ground option.

The Babadook follows a single mother who's struggling with the tragic loss of her husband while trying to take care of her young son. Like most small children, the son is adamant there is a monster in the house and is terrified it will get him.

Soon the mother discovers that there is indeed a sinister presence in the house and the fight to protect herself and her child from the Babadook begins.

If you're looking for a horror film that still fits the Mother's Day theme, you can't go wrong with a determined mother protecting her son from a supernatural monster!

For the mums that deserve a day off:

Bad Moms

Being a mother is hard work, so give your mum a day off and pop Bad Moms on the telly to get her crying with laughter this Mother's Day!

As the title implies, Bad Moms is about a group of mothers essentially going rogue. The film follows three fed-up mums who are overworked and exhausted that decide to get away from daily life and their conventional responsibilities. While the trio go wild and enjoy their newfound freedom, other mothers watch from afar and cast judgemental glances, spurring a feud.

Starring Mila Kunis, Kristen Bell and Kathryn Hahn as the 'bad moms', this film shines a light on the daily struggle it can be to be a parent and gives us a comedic view into what could happen if all mums decided to have a well needed day off!

For mums that need a little empowering:

Little Women

Looking for a Mother's Day movie to empower your mum? Little Women follows the journey of four daughters and their mother's journey through life, showing that women really can do anything when given the chance.

With their father away fighting the American Civil War, the story begins with the four sisters being raised at home by their strong-willed mother who is quite clearly ahead of her time. We watch as the sisters grow up, find love and find their place in the world, all in their different ways.

Little Women is a great feminist film that will empower both mothers and daughters, so it's an excellent choice for a mother-daughter movie night!

For the stepmums that deserve some love:


If you want to show your stepmum some love this Mother's Day with a movie night, Stepmom is a good option.

The film follows ex-wife Jackie (Suan Sarandon) and her relationship with her ex-husband's new wife Isabel (Julia Roberts). Despite her best efforts, Isabel struggles to earn the respect or love of Jackie's two children while trying to be there for them as a stepmum, but things take a turn when Jackie is diagnosed with terminal cancer.

With the thought of Isabel left to fill her role as mother when she dies, Jackie makes the effort to help Isabel and prepare her for what's to come. Jackie and Isabel slowly build a better relationship, which prompts the children to open up to Isabel.

While the ending is pretty emotional, it's well worth the watch and will leave you feeling ever so grateful for the family around you, whether that's a mum or stepmum.

For mums that want to drop some hints to dad:

Mr Mom

If you have a mum that's tired of cleaning up around the house and want to drop some hints for dad (or anyone else in the household) to step up and do their bit, Mr Mom is the one to watch!

Based in the 1980s recession, Mr Mom follows dad Jack (Michael Keaton) after he's fired from his engineering job. With no job or income for the household, his wife Caroline (Teri Garr) finds a job, placing him in the position of homemaker and caretaker for their three children. What could possibly go wrong?

Jack slowly comes to realise that being a stay-at-home parent isn't as easy as he once thought, while wife Caroline loves her newfound career.

Mr Mom shows us all just how hard being a stay-at-home parent can be and will give anyone slacking on their household chores a friendly prompt to help mum out a bit more!

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