What to do with your old video game console: keep or sell?

Is your old video game console collecting dust in the corner? If you're torn between parting ways with your console or renewing the life left in those vintage buttons, fear not – we're here to help! Keep reading to decide whether or not to ditch that old video game console for some extra cash.

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Why should you keep your old video game console?

Nostalgia factor

Ah, the memories! That old video game console holds within its plastic shell a treasure trove of nostalgia. The late-night gaming marathons, the victories, the defeats – it's all there. Sometimes, holding onto your old console is like having a time machine that transports you back to the golden era of gaming. So, if you find joy in reliving the glory days of 8-bit adventures, keeping your console is a no-brainer.

Seller's remorse

Selling your old video game console might seem like a logical step, especially if it's gathering dust, but before you press that "sell" button, consider the potential sting of seller's remorse. That twinge of regret that kicks in when you realise you've bid farewell to a piece of your gaming history. Before parting ways with your trusty gaming companion, weigh the sentimental value it holds. Sometimes, the price tag on the console doesn't reflect the memories embedded in it.

Collector's items

Did you know that some old video game consoles are now considered collector's items? If you happen to own a rare edition or a console that was part of a limited release, you might be sitting on a potential goldmine, and that goldmine only gets bigger as time goes on. If you've got an old console that's considered valuable, why not hold onto it for a bit longer and let it become even more valuable?

Why you should sell your old video game console

Fund your upgrade

If you find yourself yearning for the latest gaming experience, consider selling your old console to fund an upgrade. Your once-beloved gaming companion could rack up enough money for you to purchase a newer console with newer graphics and better performance.

Make more room

If your gaming setup is getting a little too cosy, it might be time for some shelf liberation – think of it as decluttering for a good cause! Sell your old console (that is, if you don't want it or no longer use it) to free up some space for other gaming items such as a new console or more games.

Backwards compatibility

Many modern consoles boast the impressive feature of backwards compatibility, making older consoles obsolete. If your old video game console is sitting idly because you've upgraded to a newer model that supports your cherished classics, there might not be much use in keeping the old gaming console.

You've moved on

Life moves fast, and so does the gaming landscape. If your old video game console has become more of a relic than a source of entertainment, consider getting rid. Perhaps you've upgraded to the latest gaming behemoth, or your interests have shifted away from console gaming altogether. Instead of letting your old console gather dust, sell it for some cash!

How to sell your old video game console

If you've decided it's time to part ways with your old console, selling it with musicMagpie is a fantastic option! You can get an instant free valuation for your old console and if you're happy with the price, simply pop it into a box and send it to us. We'll then pay you the same day your items arrive by PayPal or Bank Transfer!

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