Upcoming Marvel films of 2024

Calling all Marvel fans, you’re in for a treat this year! There are four new Marvel films set for release in 2024 and the first is only a few weeks away. 

There’s no doubt Marvel films do tremendously well at the box office, so we can’t wait to see our favourite superheroes (and villains) back in action and on the big screen. Keep reading for everything about the upcoming Marvel films and get the release dates in your diary ASAP! 

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Madame Web

The Marvel Universe has graced Spider-Man fans with a brand-new spin-off, Madame Web. Starring Dakota Johnson as Cassandra Web, a New York City paramedic with clairvoyant abilities. She’s tasked with protecting three young women, teaming up to fight Ezekiel Sims. 

As a little backstory, if you’re not familiar with the character of Cassie Web, she appeared in 1980’s The Amazing Spider-Man #210. She was presented as a blind elderly woman who gave accurate predictions to Peter Parker and she had a life support apparatus which looked very similar to a Spider’s Web.

Whereas this new Marvel film follows a younger version of the character, finding out about her past and dealing with her new gift. Madame Web hits cinemas on the 16th of February 2024… so not long to wait at all!

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Deadpool 3

The sarcastic and witty antihero Deadpool aka Wade Wilson is back for a third film and he isn’t alone. Hugh Jackman reprises his role as Wolverine, teaming up with Deadpool to fight the enemy, who is rumoured to be played by Emma Corrin. 

There isn’t a huge amount of information about the plot as filming had to be halted for the actor’s strikes. Due to delays, the release date has been pushed back to the 26th of July for the US. We may have to wait a little while to get a date for the UK, but Deadpool fans can rest assured it’s going to be this year.

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Kraven the Hunter

Set for release in the US on the 30th of August, Kraven the Hunter is another new Marvel film set in the Spider-Man universe. Aaron Taylor-Johnson plays villain Sergei Kravinoff who attempts to establish himself as the best hunter in the world and tries to hunt down Spiderman. 

It was originally one of the upcoming Marvel films to be released in 2023 but like many of the newest Marvel films, the actor’s strikes in the US caused delays in filming. 

Venom 3

The journey of Eddie Brock and his alien alter-ego continues with the final spin-off, Venom 3. Following on from Venom: Let there be carnage, there isn’t much out there about the plot and Marvel is keeping it pretty top secret. Juno Temple and Chiwetel Ejiofor are rumoured to be in the film but their characters haven’t been disclosed. 

Venom 3 is scheduled for November in the US, so hopefully, UK audiences get to watch it before the year ends, but we’ll see.

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