How to make money selling your old LEGO by weight

Are you sitting on a goldmine of LEGO bricks? Whether it’s a vintage LEGO set gathering dust, a box of mismatched blocks or a LEGO set with missing pieces, selling your LEGO by weight could turn your clutter into cash! In this blog, we’ll explore the ins and outs of how to sell LEGO by weight, ensuring you make the most out of every piece. Get ready to transform your old LEGO into cash!

In this blog:

Why sell old LEGO by weight?

If you’ve got old LEGO you no longer want, you should definitely try selling it!

While you can sell LEGO in sets on online marketplaces, it can often be quite time-consuming to find legitimate buyers. Plus, what are you supposed to do with those extra LEGO blocks lying around or the sets missing a block or two?

Selling LEGO by weight is the best way to rid your home of your unwanted LEGO, including unfinished sets and loose blocks. When you sell LEGO by weight, you can pack all your LEGO into one bag to weigh and send off – it’s the hassle-free and easy way to get cash for all your LEGO!

Where to sell LEGO by weight?

Right here at musicMagpie, of course! We make selling LEGO super easy – just pop all your LEGO into a bag, weigh it and send it to us.

We have a FREE online valuation engine so you can see how much your LEGO is worth, simply select the weight (or nearest weight) of your LEGO to see how much we’ll offer you. If you’re happy with the price, put the LEGO into a secure box and send it to us for free.

You don’t have to wait around to get paid either – we’ll send you your cash as soon as we receive your LEGO!

We only accept authentic LEGO in good condition though, so be sure to check that your LEGO is suitable for sale before you post it.

Ready to sell your LEGO by weight? Head over to musicMagpie to get a free valuation!