WIN Kreator Gig Tickets & Goodies

German thrash metal legends Kreator start off their blazing European tour in the Netherlands next month. Supported by a varied yet similarly iconic bill, Sepultura, Soilwork and Aborted will accompany Kreator across 22 dates as they promote their new album Gods of Violence (in stores Jan 27th). Kreator will visit the UK and Ireland …

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Fight Club film vs book

Movies better than their books

Once a book makes the transition from page to screen, you know lots of people are going to claim that the book was better than the film. But sometimes, just sometimes, the movie adaptation actually surpasses the book. From the casting choices, plot changes, additional or stripped back dialogue, there …

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5 of the greatest things to happen on social media in 2016 – so far

Sometimes it can feel like the internet is just full of trolls who hate everyone and everything, but sometimes, just sometimes, something surfaces on social media that helps bring a little joy back into our lives. So, to celebrate #SocialMediaDay, we’ve put together 5 of the greatest things to happen on social …

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