117 Brand New Emojis for Android and iOS

Did you know there are currently 3,304 emojis? World Emoji Day 2020 on July 17th gave us a whole load of new emoji previews we can’t wait to see released! Apple and Android are set to release 117 emojis. Emojipedia predicts they’ll be published in August by Android, and around …

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Bands that have survived their hiatus

What really is the difference between a band break up and a hiatus? It’s supposed to be a temporary gap but we’ve all seen our favourite band take a ‘hiatus’ and eventually break up altogether. Whether it’s to start a solo career, musical differences or their music just isn’t relevant …

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Top Father’s Day Films and Music

Are you ready for Father’s Day? We’ve got you covered –  this year’s Father’s day doesn’t have to break the bank with these thoughtful gift ideas. Get prepared with the best films and music, perfect for 21st June. Plus check out our Father’s Day Spotify Playlist filled with great songs …

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World Environment Day 2020 – do your bit for biodiversity!

Every year on 5th June since 1974, World Environment Day has been celebrated. Countries use this day as a global platform to promote and tackle issues such as climate change, sustainability and more! Over 143 countries participate! Governments, businesses and citizens are encouraged to promote and carry out environmental action. …

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Joe.co.uk x musicMagpie: Can you make more than Joe?

Have you got any old tech lying around your home? We challenged Joe from Joe.co.uk to find out how much cash he could make from unused tech in his house.  Check out this video to see how Joe got on! Joe goes from room to room finding tech, DVDs, CDs, …

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Top 10 Movie Fan Theories

What is a conspiracy theory? In terms of movies, it’s simply when die-hard movie fans analyse every fine detail of a film and create speculation about the storyline or characters.  Since there are so many movie fan theories circulating around the internet, we thought it would be fun to look …

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