iPhone 15 is predicted to be a big seller: here’s why

There’s only a month left to wait until the Apple keynote event and the new iPhone 15 is without a doubt a hot topic of conversation, with many wondering what will the iPhone 15 look like.

Rumoured iPhone 15 specifications have already been doing the rounds and surprisingly, the fancy new features may not be the only reason why people choose to upgrade.

iPhone 15 rumours suggest there’s one major reason why the future iPhone 15 is set to be such a big seller. Keep reading to find out why!

According to recent iPhone 15 rumours, there’s set to be a wave of people expected to upgrade to the new iPhone 15 this year!

iPhone 15 leaks explain further that there are more than 250 million iPhone units which are four or more years old. It’s a no-brainer that many will ditch their older iPhones and enjoy the benefits of a brand-new model. 

With that said, the very recent iOS 17 update supports iPhone models all the way back to the iPhone XR so they will still be fully supported by Apple (for now). So if you’re not looking to upgrade to the new iPhone 15, check out our refurbished iPhone 14, refurbished iPhone 13, refurbished iPhone 12 and refurbished iPhone 11 models.

For those holding onto an iPhone X and older won’t have access to the new update so they could be swayed to upgrade to the iPhone 15 model.

There also seems to be a clear focus on the Pro models, with iPhone 15 rumours reporting that Apple has ordered more displays for the iPhone 15 Pro, which suggests there is a specific focus on the high-end models. 

For now, we’ll just have to sit tight and wait to find out how popular the new iPhone 15 becomes!

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