6 Fun Games to Play on Zoom

A lot of us have been introduced to Zoom over the past few weeks. It’s normally used for video conferencing, with the extra fun of changing your background to whatever you see fit. But when it comes to built-in effects and games, it pretty much stops there. There are plenty …

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6 signs you need a new phone

The telltale signs of needing (or preferably wanting) a new phone are clear, right? Wrong! Your phone might be on its last legs, or you might just want an upgrade because that fancy new iPhone has caught your eye. Your current phone could last another year, or maybe it needs …

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The 10 Best Rom-Coms of all Time

Love them or love to hate them? Rom-coms stand the test of time, from 80s classics to 90s gems –  and let’s not forget the ones that are cheesy but you can’t help but want to re-watch again and again. They get the tears flowing and take us into a …

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Top 10 Female Superheroes & Villains

Comic book movies focused on female leads have smashed it over the past few years. Kicking 2020 off is the highly-anticipated DC movie ‘Birds of Prey’- a perfect combination of female superheroes and villains coming together to fight the bad guy. With Birds of Prey in cinemas now, here are …

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The Best Female Movie Directors

Top female directors have been creating movies since the late 19th century, although they still aren’t as well represented as their male counterparts –  in 2019, only 12% of women directors worked on the top 100 grossing films. Still, there are some positive signs: for example, many major franchises such …

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