9 tips to help you declutter in 2017

Britain is a nation drowning in stuff. You know, stuff: the things you don’t really need anymore, the objects that sit around your house doing nothing but gathering dust. Our own research from a couple of years ago found that the average person owns 186 items of clutter, with 93% …

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6 easy ways to make extra cash

Got more time than money on your hands? It’s time to switch things up! Our friends at Save the Student take a look at low-effort ways to make a buck on the side. There are hundreds of ways to increase your income – often, you’re only limited by your imagination! …

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How to declutter when you can’t be bothered

Decluttering is an important thing that most people can’t be bothered to do. And we don’t blame them; why would you want to tidy up when there is literally enough entertainment out there to fill multiple lifetimes? But it must be done, which means you need to motivate yourself somehow. …

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10 top tips for spring decluttering

Spring is nearly here, although you probably haven’t noticed what with all the snow and sub-zero temperatures. Still, you might be having a spring clean regardless. Decluttering is a big part of spring cleaning, giving you more space and giving your home a new lease of life. It isn’t always …

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6 essential tips from decluttering experts

Although it may sound like a posh word for tidying up, decluttering is not as easy as picking up a few things and chucking them out. In fact, it’s difficult if you don’t know where to start and how to keep going without breaking down while knee-deep in stuff. That’s …

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How to keep your New Year’s decluttering resolution

We’re nearly at the end of January, which means you’ve probably broken your New Year’s resolution by now, or at least on the brink of breaking it. Don’t worry: most of us fail. Research suggests 63% of people break their resolutions, and 68% of those people break it within a …

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