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10 top tips for spring decluttering

Spring is nearly here, although you probably haven't noticed what with all the snow and sub-zero temperatures.

Still, you might be having a spring clean regardless. Decluttering is a big part of spring cleaning, giving you more space and giving your home a new lease of life. It isn't always easy though. Here are some top tips ahead of your big spring clean.

Don't do it all at once

We reckon this is the most important decluttering tip of them all. If you try and declutter in one big session, you will fail.

Instead, break your decluttering efforts into smaller manageable chunks. Do an hour a day, or even half an hour. Whatever works for you is good enough!

Find a home for your clutter

Deciding what you want to get rid of is only half the battle. Finding a home for your clutter is important, unless you want boxes of stuff lying around your house.

So, when you're clearing something out, think about where it's going to go. We know a great site where you can sell CDs, DVDs, Games and Electronics, incidentally…

Read some books and blogs

It's always good to remind yourself why you're decluttering and having a little read is a good way to get yourself in the mood. If you haven't read The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo yet, that's a good place to start.

Remember: books can end up becoming clutter too, so consider e-books instead of paperbacks.

Set yourself some goals

Aimless decluttering isn't a good idea. Instead, set yourself some tangible and realistic goals. "˜Sell anything I haven't listened to in six months' is a good example, as is "˜clear out all those old mobile phones that I'm literally never going to use again from the drawer'.

Sell anything you haven't watched or listened to in a while

When you consider selling an album, film or game, you might get a nagging little voice in the back of your mind discouraging you because you "˜might use it again'.

Generally, you probably won't bother with anything you haven't watched or listened to in 6 months again. Make some cash and space instead!

Get ready to upgrade

We're heading towards that wonderful time of year when tech companies unveil their latest gadgets for us to salivate over. Samsung have already launched the amazing S7, while Apple are expected to unveil a new iPhone in the coming weeks too.

If you're thinking about upgrading, sell some electronics. Not only will it help you save up, but you'll create some much-needed space too.

Remember: it'll improve your mood

It's not hard to see why clutter causes stress: it gives us less space, it requires upkeep and care and it makes our environment look untidy and unpleasant.

Removing that clutter is like removing a weight around your neck. Your home will be a much nicer place to be and you'll find it much easier to unwind and relax!

Don't strive for perfection

Listen: your home is never going to look like an IKEA showroom. Life gets in the way too often for that to happen.

Perfection isn't the end goal of decluttering. In fact, there is no end goal. It's an ongoing process that helps you keep on top of your stuff and make sure it's manageable. That doesn't mean you have to do it every day; just often enough that you don't end up drowning under the weight of it all!

Enjoy yourself

Declutter can be pretty boring, and the temptation of jacking it in to do something more entertaining is strong. But not if you make it fun for yourself: stick on an album you've been meaning to listen to for ages, or create some kind of game around it. It's really up to you; just do anything that makes it feel less like hard work!

Have a party when you're done

Celebrate your spring cleaning achievements and have a big party in your newly-spacious home! Just don't make a mess…

If you need some more spring cleaning inspiration, check out these 6 essential tips from some of our favourite decluttering experts.