6 amazing benefits of decluttering

It's no secret that the British public love a bit of hoarding. Countless studies have shone a light on our habits: our Nation of Clutter study found that the average home contains 186 items of clutter, while a Compare the Market survey found that UK residents hoard more than their European compatriots (with 1 in 2 admitting to holding onto things longer than they should).

Meanwhile, Oxfam discovered that the average Brit owns 36 unplayed CDs and DVDs. If you stacked them on top of each other, the resulting tower would reach 7,641 miles into space!

We're not alone either. Researchers from the University of California determined that the average family owns 90s DVDs and videos, 212 CDs and 438 books or magazines. Their findings prompted the researchers to declare us "the most materially rich society in global history".

Unfortunately, clutter isn't good for us physically or emotionally. Here are a few benefits of decluttering and owning a little less stuff.

You'll spend less

Decluttering takes a lot of effort. You have to sort through all your old stuff, then decide what you want to get rid of (which is a surprisingly emotional task), then find a suitable way to get rid of it "" donating it, selling it, etc.

It can take hours, days, weeks or maybe even months, depending on how much you own. The last thing you'll want to do after all that is re-clutter your house with loads of new stuff that you'll never use, which means you'll buy less and thus spend less money!

Decluttering also helps you realise what's important in your life, making you less likely to make frivolous purchases.

You'll be less stressed

Science has proven that clutter is bad for your mental health. In 2009, a study found that clutter raises your cortisol levels, potentially leading to depression and anxiety. Another report found that clutter distracts us, makes it harder to relax and makes us feel guilty too.

In short, decluttering will help you relax, focus and generally feel a bit better about yourself!

Less choice = more time

From a young age, we're taught that choice is good. And it is "" to an extent. But if you've ever spent hours trying to decide what film to watch or what album to listen to, you'll know that too much choice is bad.

Cutting your DVD collection down to just the films you love and getting rid of the albums you don't listen to makes picking something to watch a lot easier, eradicating the time sink that is *shudder* trying to find something to do.

The same goes for clothes. Mark Zuckerberg, a man with all the money in the world, famously owns a wardrobe full of the same grey t-shirts and hoodies (he's not the only successful person with a limited wardrobe either). We're not saying that you'll start your own billion dollar business after downsizing your wardrobe, but you might spend a little less time getting ready in the morning!

You may be happier

The Simplicity Institute, an education and research centre focused on promoting a simpler way of life, surveyed 2,500 people who cut down their possessions and found that 86% of them were happier. It's not a guarantee of course, but having less clutter can definitely improve your mood!

It's easier to move

You're never more aware of how much stuff you own than when you move. Packing up everything you've accumulated over the years is a real pain in the backside, and trying to find a place for it in your new place is arguably even worse. Getting rid of the stuff you don't need any more removes this problem, making the moving process (slightly) less stressful!

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