What is the internet’s favourite 90s movie?

There were so many brilliant movies in the 90s that it’s hard to pick a favourite. Luckily, we have websites like Rotten Tomatoes and IMDB to help us. We’ve taken a load of classic 90s movies, added together their Rotten Tomatoes and IMDB user scores and worked out an overall …

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10 of the best kids movies from the 90s

Being an adult is rubbish. All those responsibilities, all that work, all that pretending to know what you’re talking about. Sometimes we just want to stick some Power Rangers pajamas on, eat too many biscuits and watch kids movies from the best decade ever – the 90s (argue in the …

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8 things you didn’t know about your favourite 90s movies

The 90s gave us some of the greatest films of all time, but some of them hide some pretty surprising secrets. Here’s 8 things you didn’t know about some classic 90s films! Pulp Fiction: Samuel L Jackson’s Bible speech isn’t actually in the Bible One of the coolest moments in …

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7 Movie Sequels You Didn’t Know Existed

Hollywood loves a sequel. It means half the marketing for a movie is done, and is usually guaranteed to rake in a few quid from people who enjoyed the first film. Sometimes, though, a sequel will fly straight under the radar. Here are 7 sequels we (and possibly you) didn’t …

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5 more movie reboots that need to happen

Mad Max: Fury Road has proven that, every now and again, movie reboots can work extremely well. Who’d have thought that a sequel to a 30 year old film would be so good?! It got us thinking: what other long-forgotten movies need a reboot? We’ve already shared a couple in …

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5 movie franchises that need rebooting

A couple of weeks ago, it was announced that Neill Blomkamp, director of District 9 and Chappie, will be making the 5th Alien film. It seems like a match made in heaven. There hasn’t been a good Alien film for nigh-on 20 years, but Blomkamp is clearly a massive fan …

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