8 of the best Android games of 2015 so far

As we proved in our best of iOS post last week, there's a lot more to mobile gaming than Game of War and Clash of Clans. While Android doesn't quite have the same level of brilliant games as iOS, there are still plenty of great titles to enjoy on the …

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10 of the best iPhone and iPad games of 2015 so far

You'd be forgiven for thinking mobile gaming is all Clash of Clans and Angry Birds, but there's actually a whole host of brilliant, innovative games ready and waiting for you to download and play (for a couple of quid, usually). Here are 10 of the best iPhone and iPad games …

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10 console-quality games you can play on your phone right now

Remember the days when "˜mobile gaming' meant guiding an ever-expanding pixel-snake towards small blocks of "˜food' without eating itself? It's fair to say mobile gaming has come a long way since then, with console quality games the norm rather than the exception. So, if you're looking for something a bit …

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7 highly original app games you should check out right now

Bored of the same old freemium strategy games and endless runners? Then check out some of the weird and wonderful (but alway brilliant) games in this post! Badland A huge machine is crushing a fantasy dreamworld and its your job to help the world's fuzzy little inhabitants escape. To do …

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4 incredibly fun new mobile games

There's a whole world of games sitting in your mobile phone, just waiting to be played. Unfortunately, finding the decent games among the hordes of clones, rip-offs and generally awful titles is a momumental task that would cause most people to break down in tears and swear off gaming for …

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Super Hexagon

6 phone-smashingly frustrating mobile games

What do you look for in a good mobile game? Most people would say fun, and some would possibly say a bit of a challenge. No-one would say an experience so frustrating that you'll feel like banging your head against the nearest hard surface before launching your phone into the …

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