The Best Tech Hacks You Need to Know

Have you ever wanted to improve the way you use a phone or laptop to make life that little bit easier? Tech hacks are a super fun way to speed up your use of technology, curb your boredom and most of all – show off your newfound knowledge! Find out …

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Are we living in an episode of Black Mirror?

Charlie Brooker’s creepy creation Black Mirror has become a cultural phenomenon over the years. In the show, each episode is standalone – depicting a time (which could be now or in the near future) where technology has a major impact on society. Brooker was inspired by The Twilight Zone for …

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6 tech predictions that came true

Who knew the internet would be such an important part of our lives when it started out? In fact, who knew the internet would be a thing at all? It turns out that over centuries (yes, literally), plenty of people have had wild predictions for what is to come in …

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11 skills that are dying out as technology advances

It’s no secret that technology is advancing at an incredible rate. Some of the biggest companies in the world are only a few years old, there’s an app for just about everything and we’re rarely without a device in our hands. With our lives becoming undeniably easier, what do we …

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