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Sell iPhone 5c for Cash!

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How do I sell my iPhone 5C?


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Sell your iPhone 5C with musicMagpie!

If you’re thinking of selling your iPhone 5C, you’ll be surprised at just how easy it is with musicMagpie. Using our free valuation engine and our free delivery options, you can sell or recycle your iPhone and marvel at the simplicity.

2007 saw the birth of the first iPhones and every year since then has brought with it a new model, each one better than the last. Then, in 2013, just when we thought we’d sussed out Apple’s iPhone release pattern, they changed the game once again by simultaneously releasing the iPhone 5C alongside the powerful iPhone 5S. The 5C was released as a ‘mid-range’ option and offered many of the features that came with the iPhone 5, but using a polycarbonate frame rather than the higher-end glass and metal body. The model also came in 5 different colours and reverted back to a curvier shape reminiscent of the first iPhones.

If you’ve had yours for a long time and are looking to invest in a newer phone, or if you’re simply not too impressed by your iPhone 5C, you can sell or recycle it with musicMagpie and, what’s more, you’ll get every last penny of the money you make. Here’s how: 

Simply use our free-to-use online valuation engine to get an instant price for your 5C - all you need to do is tell us the condition its in and the storage option (i.e. iPhone 5c 16GB). Then, once you’ve boxed it up nice and tight (any box is fine), you can send it off to us for FREE

Then, when your items arrive, we'll check them over then pay you on the same day by bank transfer, PayPal or cheque. Why wouldn't you? 

The musicMagpie Tech Price Promise

We will give you the full value we first offered for your iPhone 5C. If we then revise the offer in any way, you will get your iPhone 5C back for FREE – and that’s a promise.

Price, Pack, Send. Done.
Selling your iPhone with musicMagpie really is that easy.

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What Model and Generation do I have?

To find out the Model and Generation of the iPhone you have, all you have to do is refer to your original packaging where you should find it listed.

What Size is my iPhone?

Find out the size of your iPhone by selecting Main Menu > Settings > General > About, then select Capacity. (On some older models you’ll need to tap Settings > General > About). The number shown here will be just short of either 8, 16, 32 or 64GB.

On some models the capacity is engraved on the metal case near the bottom on the back.

If you are having problems identifying the generation or size of your iPhone then please refer to the original packaging or connect it to iTunes.