The 10 Best PS4 Games So Far

The PS4 is nearly 3 years old this year. Over those 3 years, some amazing games have been released for the console. But which are the top PS4 games? Here are 10 of our favourites!

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Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End

One of the most anticipated games of recent years, the final chapter in the Nathan Drake saga is a must-play for any PS4 owner.

If you’ve never played an Uncharted game before, imagine an interactive version of Indiana Jones. You control Nathan Drake, a treasure hunter, and explore various exotic locales in search of priceless relics. You aren’t the only one looking for them though, and these explorations usually involve breathless chases, thrilling shootouts and at least one potentially deadly puzzle.

In Uncharted 4, Drake is forced out of comfortable retirement by the return of his long lost brother, who faces death at the hands of a drug lord if he doesn’t find the elusive St. Dismas cross ”“ although you get the impression Drake doesn’t really mind setting off on another cross-country adventure all that much.

Like the previous games, Uncharted 4 is full of remarkably beautiful locations and exhilarating action. It’s not groundbreaking but you won’t care; it’s easily one of the most exciting, enjoyable games ever made.


Over recent years, MOBAs (that’s ”˜multiplayer online battle arena’) games have become incredibly popular, with the likes of Dota 2 and League of Legends spawning competitions with multi-million dollar prizes.

Console gamers haven’t really had a chance to jump on the MOBA bandwagon though ”“ until now.

Overwatch is a multiplayer FPS created by Blizzard, who also created World of Warcraft and therefore know quite a bit about multiplayer gaming.

Unlike most console FPS’, Overwatch places focus on strategy over going it alone and racking up kills. Players choose from a series of characters with different attributes, with players taking on different roles within their team to help achieve their objective ”“ usually defending or taking over a base.

It’s a breath of fresh air from typical FPS’, and could be the game that transforms mic chat from a volley of expletives to intelligent strategic conversation (with a couple of swear words).

Overwatch looks incredible too, with characters looking like something straight out of a Pixar movie.

Dark Souls III

Dark Souls has a strong case for being the hardest game ever made, with its unforgiving combat, tough-as-nails enemies and vast, dangerous world chewing up and spitting out countless players.

The good news is that Dark Souls III is no different. The premise is more or less the same as previous games: you take on the role of an explorer left to his own devices in a world filled with horrors. It’s up to you to discover where to go and what to do, and along the way you’ll come across various enemies that can smash you into a pulp with a single hit.

You’ll die, a lot. But that’s the point. As you learn from your mistakes and slowly master the combat system, you’ll discover one of the most rewarding experiences in gaming. Honestly, there’s nothing better than finally beating a boss who’s killed you a million times.

You’ll hate it, you’ll love it, you’ll never forget it.

Ratchet & Clank

Released to support a movie that got a critical panning, Ratchet & Clank the game is actually one of the best platformers released in recent years.

It’s a bottom-up remake of the PS2 original, with Ratchet, a Lombax (which is like a weird cat hybrid) dreaming of exploring the galaxy. He eventually meets Clank, a friendly robot outcast from a factory designed to build killer robots. Together, the two set out to foil the evil robots and their evil master.

It’s a good old fashioned platforming fun. You collect stuff, navigate your way through architecturally nonsensical worlds (which happen to be good for platforming), solve puzzles and blast minions in a non-violent way. It looks amazing too, like playing your own Pixar movie.

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain

The Metal Gear Solid series is beloved in the gaming community, with its unique mix of stealth, insane plot points and twisted humour entertaining gamers for nearly 20 years.

The Phantom Pain retains much of what made the older games so great, like the stealth, the humour and ”“ yes ”“ the barely comprehensible plot, which involves Snake/Big Boss/whatever he’s called exacting revenge on the baddies who destroyed his forces and uncovering some insane conspiracy.

It also takes the series forward by introducing an open world, which allows you to tackle missions in whatever order you want and to traverse the environment on horseback, motorbikes and various other vehicles. You can also build your own base, where you can build weapons and gadgets.

The Phantom Pain is an epic gaming experience and a suitable farewell to one of gaming’s best series (if it really is the final entry). We’d recommend playing the short prologue, Ground Zeroes, first though.


Bloodborne was created by the same guy as Dark Souls, Hidetaka Miyazaki, and is ”“ surprise surprise ”“ just as tough and unforgiving.

Like Dark Souls, Bloodborne is an action RPG set in a mystical land inhabited by murderous nasties who want to kill you. This time, though, you’ve got guns in your arsenal, which adds an extra dimension to the Dark Souls-esque combat.

Bloodborne is teeth-grindingly tough but, like it’s spiritual cousin, unbelievably rewarding. Unlike Souls, the plot is slightly easier to grasp too. Is it better than Dark Souls? Some would say so.

The Witcher 3: The Wild Hunt

The Witcher 3 is an RPG so big that’ll you probably need to write a letter to your loved ones explaining that you’ll be away for a couple of months. The team behind the game, CD Projekt Red, claim it’s 20% bigger than Skyrim, which you may remember being incredibly large.

You play as Geralt, a ”˜witcher’ who hunts down demons and the like. Unfortunately, a nasty group of supernatural beings called the Wild Hunt are about to invade his lands. Over the course of hundreds of hours, you explore, take on missions, hunt down baddies and generally live the life of a demon hunter. Imagine The Elder Scrolls, but with better combat.

As if that wasn’t enough, an expansion pack was recently released. This game will definitely eat up your life.

Batman: Arkham Knight

Considering he’s basically a crime-solving ninja, it’s amazing that there wasn’t a good Batman game before Arkham Asylum. Having nailed the combat and detective skills of The Dark Knight, Rocksteady set about expanding on the world with Arkham City. With Arkham Knight, they finally introduce the final piece of the puzzle ”“ the Batmobile.

Taking place in actual Gotham City (rather than a small section of it), Arkham Knight sees a mysterious baddie team up with the Scarecrow to take over the city and kill the Batman. Obviously Bats isn’t too happy about that and sets about fighting back, leading to a story on par with The Dark Knight.

Arkham Knight feels like the culmination of everything Rocksteady have worked towards with the Arkham series. The combat is better than ever, the predator challenges are unique and fun and there isn’t much better than haring around Gotham in the Batmobile, occasionally stopping to blow stuff up in tank mode.

In short, it’s the best Batman game ever.

Rocket League

Not many people predicted the success of Rocket League, an indie sports game that is a bit like football, except with rocket cars instead of overpaid prima donnas.

And yet, you’ll struggle to find a game as fun on the PS4. Matches are fast-paced and exciting, with players split into teams and trying to rocket a ball into each other’s net through a series of eye-catching and dazzling moves.

It’s simple but so, so addictive.


As much as we love FPS games, they can get a bit bogged down with complex plots, load outs and silly game modes.

Doom stays true to its old school roots. You wake up in a base on Mars, where demons from hell have broken through a portal and are wreaking havoc. Your mission is to shoot them, hack them up and generally do anything to ensure they die in the most violent way possible.

It’s fast-paced and frantic, requiring quick reactions and sharp aim, with excellent level design and some epic weaponry ”“ including the return of the much-loved shotgun and the legendary BFG.

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