6 reasons to switch to eBooks

Since the invention of the printing press, books have educated and entertained millions of people every single day.

Technology could soon make the traditional paper and ink book a thing of the past, however. eBooks, which condense hefty novels into a dainty little file for reading on a phone or tablet, have become the format of choice for many.

If you’re still clinging onto your physical books, here are a few reasons to consider switching to digital.

They’re more convenient

Books are a great travel companion but they aren’t always convenient to carry around.

Case in point: David Foster Wallace’s cult classic Infinite Jest. At over 1000 pages, it’s 2 inches thick and weighs over 3 pounds. Some devoted readers even tear the book in half so they can read it on the go.

That’s an extreme case, but even hugely popular books like A Song of Fire and Ice and Harry Potter are difficult to lug around all day.

To read an eBook, all you need is your tablet or phone. As tech companies are obsessed with making these gadgets as light and slim as possible, you’ll barely even notice you’re carrying one around.

If you’re going on holiday, taking an e-reader instead of some physical books with reduce the weight of your luggage, lessening the risk of an embarrassing unpacking session at the check-in desk!

You’ll save money

Buying an eBook can save you a lot of money. They cost less to produce, which is reflected in the price, and you don’t have to pay for delivery or transport to a book shop either.

That’s not all, though. You can download many classic novels for free because they’re now in the public domain. This includes classics by Joyce, Dickens and Wilde!

You might find a hidden gem

Thanks to the wonders of modern technology, many first time authors publish their work digitally instead of waiting for a book deal.

eBook stores are full of little-known novels, some of which are genuinely brilliant. There are some duds, of course, but user reviews will usually root them out.

It’s easier to have quick reads

Got a spare couple of minutes? Whip out your phone and read!

It’s much more intellectually satisfying than aimlessly scrolling through Facebook (unless you’ve got a particularly smart bunch of friends) and much easier than carrying around a book just in case too.

No-one can judge you

No-one should be judged for their book preferences but let’s be honest: if someone is reading Fifty Shades of Grey on the bus, you’re going to make some assumptions about them. It’s natural.

No-one can see what you’re reading on your phone and tablet. You could be reading Nietzsche or New Moon and not a soul will know. Unless they’re reading over your shoulder, in which case they’re a terrible person and their opinion doesn’t count.


A full bookshelf makes you look smart, but it also takes up a lot of space. Could you demonstrate your intellect in a different way and use the space for something else?

Also, books are a nightmare when you’re moving. One book is easy to deal with; a whole box of them is like carrying an elephant dressed in a suit of armour.

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