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What do 2016’s biggest songs taste like?

Ever heard of synaesthesia? It’s the involuntary connection of two senses; artists like Pharrell Williams and Kanye West have it. For Pharrell and Kanye, they see sounds. So, the jingle of piano keys can conjure up the colours, patterns and textures. For other people, they are able to taste sounds.

We wondered what it would be like to have synaesthesia and listen to music. What would a person taste when they listen to their favourite album or the top ten charts? So, we teamed up with James Wannerton – President of the UK Synaesthesia Association – to find out.

He’s been listening to some of the UK’s favourite songs from last year and let us know what each song tastes like…

Pillow Talk – Zayn

Tastes like… a cold slice of ham, marzipan and almond slices!

Pillow Talk by Zayn tastes like a cold slice of ham!

Hello – Adele

Tastes like… orange pips, Caramac, fresh melon and rubber bands! 

Hello by Adele tastes like orange pips!

Love Yourself – Justin Bieber

Tastes like… boiled egg white, toasted sugar sandwiches and Parma Violets!

Sorry by Justin Bieber tastes like boiled egg white!

One Dance – Drake

Tastes like… Rice Krispies, black Fruit Gums, warm water and wet cotton!

One Dance by Drakes tastes like Rice Krispies

Cheap Thrills – Sia

Tastes like… tomato ketchup, thin dark chocolate and Quavers!

Cheap Thrills by Sia tastes like tomato ketchup!

Closer – The Chainsmokers

Tastes like… warm buttered toast, smoked ham, apple slices and chocolate orange!

Closer by the Chainsmokers tastes like warm buttered toast!

Work – Rihanna

Tastes like… stewed rhubarb, green Fruit Gums, ham and soft plums!

Work by Rihanna tastes like stewed rhubarb!

Stitches – Shawn Mendes

Tastes like… thick chocolate mousse, peach slices, chocolate chunks and lemon drops!

Stitches by Shawn Mendes tastes like thick chocolate mousse!

Can’t Stop The Feeling – Justin Timberlake

Tastes like… gripe water, corned beef, cold tea, and toast crumbs!

Can't Stop The Feeling by Justin Timberlake tastes like thick gripe water!

We also asked James to listen to some other top songs from 2016 and let us know their flavours – take a look and see what flavours some of the UK’s bestselling songs are linked to!

Top 10 songs of 2016

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