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What do the top songs and albums of all time taste like?

Ever heard of Synaesthesia? This neurological condition causes two senses to be involuntarily connected. When you hear something, you may be able to see patterns, colours and textures. Or you may be able to taste a particular food or flavour.

We wanted to find out what the UK's top songs and albums of all time taste like to someone with Synaesthesia, so worked with James Wannerton "" President of the UK Synaesthesia Association "" to find out.

Thriller – Michael Jackson

Tastes like… a liquorice stick and scrambled egg!

Thriller - Michael Jackson

Their Greatest Hits – Eagles

Tastes like… cauliflower and Bird's powdered custard!

Their Greatest Hits by Eagles tastes like cauliflower!

Greatest Hits – Billy Joel

Tastes like… unset jelly, powdery Love Hearts and Parma Violets

Greatest Hits by Billy Joel tastes like powdery love hearts!

Led Zeppelin IV – Led Zeppelin

Tastes like… an Easter egg and thick sausage!

Led Zeppelin IV - Led Zeppelin

The Wall – Pink Floyd

Tastes like… an ice cream sandwich and bubble gum!

The Wall by Pink Floyd tastes like an ice cream sandwich!

Back in Black – AC/DC

Tastes like… chocolate raisins and Fruit Gums!

Back in Black by AC/DC tastes like chocolate raisins and fruit gums!

Double Live – Garth Brooks

Tastes like… shortbread biscuits!

Double Live by Garth Brooks tastes like shortbread biscuits!

Rumours – Fleetwood Mac

Tastes like… macaroni cheese!

Rumours by Fleetwood Mac tastes like macaroni cheese!

Come on Over – Shania Twain

Tastes like… Madeira cake and Alka Seltzer!

Come on Over by Shania Twain tastes like Madeira cake!

The Beatles (The White Album) – The Beatles

Tastes like… liver and onions!

The White Album by The Beatles tastes like liver and onions!

Here's a summary of the albums and their respective flavours…

MM All Time Albums

The flavours of the UK's favourite singles 

We also asked James to listen to the top 50 all-time songs in the UK and tell us what he tastes. Here are the wondrous flavours behind some of the greatest hits…

Top 50 Singles UK

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