8 of the craziest conspiracy theories in music

The world of music is full of some crazy but surprisingly convincing conspiracy theories. Is Avril Lavigne really Avril… or was she replaced by some girl called Melissa? Who knows? We look at some of the weird and wonderful conspiracy theories that plague musicians. Paul McCartney is dead This one …

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5 of the best British debut albums of the last 5 years

When it comes to recently released debut albums, which truly are the best of British? We look at the best debut albums released by British artists since 2013. 2013: Disclosure – Settle Duo Disclosure, made up of brothers Howard and Guy Lawrence, dropped their first album back in 2013 to …

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7 of the best albums of 2018

When it comes to entertainment, 2018 completely smashed it out of the park. The games have never been better, the movie releases were incredible but not much could top the musical offerings of the last 12 months. But, which LPs outshone the rest? Here are the 7 best albums of …

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5 reasons you still need an iPod (yes, really)

Are you deeply invested in your music collection? You need an iPod to listen to all your favourite albums on the go! We know what you’re going to say – iPods are old and out of style. We simply do not agree. Having a dedicated device just for music is …

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Which rappers have topped the album chart in the UK?

The presence of rappers in the UK album chart has grown steadily since 2000. In the last 18 years, we’ve seen a significant dominance from the US rather than the homegrown talent, with one name standing out in particular. So, which rappers have topped the album charts in the UK? …

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Which British artist has sold the most albums?

Million selling artists may be a dime a dozen nowadays, but which British acts have shifted the most albums? We took a look into some of the most successful artists from the UK and Ireland to see who has sold the most! Queen 34.5 million units sold Freddie Mercury, Brian …

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8 of the best music documentaries

Music documentaries have been popular for decades. They can tell us how a band got together, document an important live performance or share more intimate moments of an artist. To celebrate the release of Whitney, we looked at eight of the best music documentaries around! Cobain: Montage of Heck Nirvana …

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Magpie recommends: the essential Beatles songs

June 25 marks Global Beatles Day; a day founded in 2009 to commemorate everything John Lennon, Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr and George Harrison have done for music and culture. The Beatles were formed in 1960, changing the face of music forever over the course of a decade. The four piece …

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