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The 10 best albums of the 2000s

The 80s and 90s produced some real powerhouses in the world of music. But the noughties shouldn't be underestimated for enriching us with iconic pop beats that continue to inspire the latest generation.

From Amy Winehouse to Robyn, here are the best albums of the 2000s to keep on your radar.

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Demon Days – Gorillaz 

Year: 2005


Demon Days is the second studio album ever recorded by Gorillaz – a virtual band from the UK. It peaked at number 1 in the UK Album Charts and achieved six times platinum in the UK too. It combines rock, pop and hip-hop influences, making it a huge hit for almost all listeners who pick up this album.

Its most notable tracks include Feel Good Inc, Dirty Harry, Kids with Guns and many more. NME crowned Demon Days 98/100 in its top 100 of the decade. We certainly aren't surprised!

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Demon Days tracklist

  1. "Intro"
  2. "Last Living Souls"
  3. "Kids with Guns"
  4. "O Green World"
  5. "Dirty Harry"
  6. "Feel Good Inc"
  7. "El Mañana"
  8. "Every Planet"
  9. "November Has Come"
  10. "All Alone"
  11. "White Light"
  12. "Dare"
  13. "Fire Coming out of the Monkey's Head"
  14. "Don't Get Lost in Heaven"
  15. "Demon Days"

Justified – Justin Timberlake 

Year: 2002

Looking for one of the best R&B albums of the early 2000s? Justin Timberlake (AKA "JT") kicked off his solo career to a soaring start. The album earned him four Grammy nominations and won the award for Best Pop Vocal Album. Justified was his first solo album and includes popular tracks like Senorita, Like I Love You and Rock Your Body. If you're a fan of funk, R&B and dance-pop, then this is the album for you to relive this wonderful decade!

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Justified tracklist

  1. "Señorita"
  2. "Like I Love You"
  3. "(Oh No) What You Got"
  4. "Take It From Here"
  5. "Cry Me a River"
  6. "Rock Your Body"
  7. "Nothin' Else'"
  8. "Last Night"
  9. "Still on My Brain"
  10. "(And She Said) Take Me Now"
  11. "Right for Me" (featuring Bubba Sparxxx)"
  12. "Let's Take a Ride"
  13. "Never Again"

The Fame – Lady Gaga

Year: 2008

Lady Gaga's first album was heavily inspired by 80s beats – so it's a fantastic choice if you want to relive some of those vibes! This best selling pop album is packed full of dance-pop, electropop and catchy lyrics that'll stay in your head for quite some time.

Combined with its deluxe edition The Fame Monster, the album had sold over 15 million copies worldwide as of May 2019 and was the fifth best-selling album of 2009. In fact, it's been certified ten-times platinum by the British Phonographic Industry!

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The Fame tracklist

  1. "Just Dance"
  2. "LoveGame"
  3. "Paparazzi"
  4. "Poker Face"
  5. "Eh, Eh (Nothing Else I Can Say)"
  6. "Beautiful, Dirty, Rich"
  7. "The Fame"
  8. "Money Honey"
  9. "Starstruck"
  10. "Boys Boys Boys"
  11. "Paper Gangsta"
  12. "Brown Eyes"
  13. "I Like It Rough"
  14. "Summerboy"

Back to Black – Amy Winehouse

Year: 2006

Back to Black is one of the most iconic albums of the generation. Whilst this was her second and final studio album exploring dark themes of guilt, grief and heartbreak, it's been one of the most musically celebrated albums in history. In fact, in the UK, it's been crowned the second bestselling album of the 21st century and the 12th bestselling in the UK of all time. 

So if you're after some soul, R&B and reggae stylings, this album gives you all of that and more.

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Back to Black tracklist

  1. "Rehab"
  2. "You Know I'm No Good"
  3. "Me & Mr Jones"
  4. "Just Friends"
  5. "Back to Black"
  6. "Love Is a Losing Game"
  7. "Tears Dry on Their Own"
  8. "Wake Up Alone"
  9. "Some Unholy War"
  10. "He Can Only Hold Her"
  11. "Addicted"

Discovery – Daft Punk

Year: 2001

Released in 2001, Daft Punk's Discovery album was a serious hit with popular tracks like Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger, One More Time and other iconic tracks. It was the album that really distinguished their sound from others who'd taken inspiration from their first album Homework.

Commercially, the album peaked at number 2 in the UK and France, and has inspired other artists to sample their music such as Kanye West, Wiley and many more.

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Discovery tracklist

  1. "One More Time" (featuring Romanthony)
  2. "Aerodynamic"
  3. "Digital Love"
  4. "Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger"
  5. "Crescendolls"
  6. "Nightvision"
  7. "Superheroes"
  8. "High Life"
  9. "Something About Us"
  10. "Voyager"
  11. "Veridis Quo"
  12. "Short Circuit"
  13. "Face to Face" (featuring Todd Edwards)
  14. "Too Long" (featuring Romanthony)

xx – The xx

Year: 2009

The melancholic stylings of The xx placed their album xx in the NME's list of the 500 greatest albums of all time. Whilst heavily influenced by R&B, xx also has an alt rock and electronica vibe that makes it enjoyable by fans of those genres.

Interestingly, the group formed whilst they were still in school. They would often text each other lyrics, practice late at night and upload their music on the old social media platform MySpace. This caught the attention of Young Turks via XL recordings – the studio they'd record the xx album.

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xx tracklist

  1. "Intro"
  2. "VCR"
  3. "Crystalised"
  4. "Islands"
  5. "Heart Skipped a Beat"
  6. "Fantasy" (lyrics by Sim)
  7. "Shelter" (lyrics by Croft; music by Smith, Sim and Croft)
  8. "Basic Space"
  9. "Infinity"
  10. "Night Time"
  11. "Stars"

Speakerboxxx / The Love Below – OutKast

Year: 2003

One of the best rap albums of the 2000s, OutKast's fifth album is actually a double album (hence the tracklist size!). It's got some absolutely iconic tracks such as Hey Ya, The Way You Move and so much more. It's been certified diamond and 11 times platinum by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) – so if that's not a good enough reason to get your hands on this iconic double album, then we don't know what is.

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Speakerboxxx tracklist

  1. "Intro"
  2. "Ghetto Musick"
  3. "Unhappy"
  4. "Bowtie" (featuring Sleepy Brown and Jazze Pha)
  5. "The Way You Move" (featuring Sleepy Brown)
  6. "The Rooster"
  7. "Bust" (featuring Killer Mike)
  8. "War"
  9. "Church"
  10. "Bamboo" (Interlude)" (performed by Big Boi and Bamboo)
  11. "Tomb of the Boom" (featuring Konkrete, Big Gipp and Ludacris)
  12. "E-Mac (interlude)" (performed by E-Mac)
  13. "Knowing"
  14. "Flip Flop Rock" (featuring Killer Mike and Jay-Z)
  15. "Interlude"
  16. "Reset" (featuring Khujo and Cee-Lo)
  17. "D-Boi" (Interlude) (performed by Henry Welch)
  18. "Last Call" (featuring Slimm Calhoun, Lil Jon & The East Side Boyz and Mello)
  19. "Bowtie" (Postlude)

The Love Below tracklist

  1. "The Love Below (Intro)"
  2. "Love Hater"
  3. "God (Interlude)" (performed by Andre 3000)
  4. "Happy Valentine's Day"
  5. "Spread"
  6. "Where Are My Panties?" (Interlude) (performed by Andre 3000 and Toni Hunter)
  7. "Prototype"
  8. "She Lives in My Lap" (featuring Rosario Dawson)
  9. "Hey Ya!"
  10. "Roses"
  11. "Good Day, Good Sir (Interlude)" (performed by Benjamin Andre and Fonzworth Bentley)
  12. "Behold a Lady"
  13. "Pink & Blue"
  14. "Love in War"
  15. "She's Alive"
  16. "Dracula's Wedding (featuring Kelis)"
  17. "My Favourite Things"

Robyn – Robyn

Year: 2005

Robyn is Robyn's fifth studio album released by her own record label Konichiwa Records. It's very different to her old tracks and instead explores a new synth/dance-pop sound. Two years after it's initial release in 2005, it was released internationally and achieved UK number one with the songs With Every Heartbeat, Konichiwa Bitches and Handle Me. It also received a nomination for Best Electronic/Dance Album at the Grammy Awards in 2009.

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Robyn tracklist

  1. "Curriculum Vitae" (featuring Swingfly)
  2. "Who's That Girl"
  3. "Handle Me"
  4. "Robotboy"
  5. "Be Mine!"
  6. "Bionic Woman" (Interlude)
  7. "Crash and Burn Girl"
  8. "Tomteverkstan" (Interlude)
  9. "Konichiwa Bitches"
  10. "Bum Like You"
  11. "Eclipse"
  12. "Should Have Known" (new record)
  13. "Anytime You Like"

Boy in Da Corner – Dizzee Rascal

Year: 2003

Dizzee Rascal debuted his album Boy In Da Corner in 2003. It's one of the best selling albums of the 2000s and propelled Dizzee Rascal to be the UK's first internationally recognised rap star. This album was so successful that it sold over 25,000 copies worldwide by 2004.

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Boy in Da Corner tracklist

  1. "Sittin' Here"
  2. "Stop Dat"
  3. "I Luv U"
  4. "Brand New Day"
  5. "2 Far" (featuring Wiley)
  6. "Fix Up, Look Sharp"
  7. "Cut' Em Off"
  8. "Hold Ya Mouf" (featuring God's Gift)
  9. "Round We Go" (co-produced by Chubby Dread)
  10. "Jus' a Rascal" (featuring Taz) (co-produced by Taz & Vanguard)
  11. "Wot U On?"
  12. "Jezebel"
  13. "Seems 2 Bee"
  14. "Live O"
  15. "Do It!"

Music – Madonna 

Year: 2000

This dance-pop number is Madonna's eighth studio album. It earned her five Grammy Award nominations and currently sits on a rank of 452 out of 500 in the Rolling Stone's 500 Greatest Albums of All Time.

The album was so good that it debuted at number one in over 23 countries across the world and sold four million copies in its first ten days of release. Music also peaked at number one in the UK Singles Chart (and is well known for featuring Ali-G in the music video!).

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Music tracklist

  1. "Music"
  2. "Impressive Instant"
  3. "Runaway Lover"
  4. "I Deserve It"
  5. "Amazing"
  6. "Nobody's Perfect"
  7. "Don't Tell Me"
  8. "What It Feels Like for a Girl"
  9. "Paradise (Not for Me)"
  10. "Gone"

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