7 of the funniest Tweets by actors

You know when people say “Oh famous people, they’re just like us” you never believe them? Well, you can now – thanks to the beauty of social media. Twitter has allowed us to interact with our favourite film stars through their weird and wonderful postings. What pops into their heads and onto our feeds is scarily relatable! We’ve picked out some of our favourite Tweets from our beloved actors:

Anna Kendrick spoke for literally everyone when she posted this onto social media:

Ryan Reynolds offered us a bit of a different take on the unconditional love of a father. A brutally honest one:

We can only assume this was a late-night thought of GIRLS creator Lena Dunham. She does have a point:

Snapchat just isn’t for everybody, as Chris Pratt adorably showed us via Twitter last year:

Who doesn’t want to know what 00s rapper Ja Rule is up to? Aziz Ansari is just posting what we’re thinking!

Twitter are trialling a 280 character limit, and only a handful of users have been picked to use it. Ellen DeGeneres was one of the lucky few! Oh no, wait…

Seth Rogen may have made us laugh out loud with movies like Superbad, Pineapple Express and The Interview. Rogen is also guilty of posting a dad joke every once in a while. We can’t help but smile at this one:

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