10 easy ways to save money in 2018

It's always nice to have some extra cash at the end of the month, but saving money can be hard! If you have something in mind to save for "" a holiday, a car or a house for example "" it feels like you could be saving for a lifetime. To help with the burden, we've put together some tips so you can save without even noticing you're doing it!

Keep track of your expenses:

By expenses, we mean just about everything "" groceries, bills, even that early morning coffee on your way to work. Keep an eye on what's going out of your account every month and you'll be sure to find something you can cut down on, or even do without. The money you spend on it mindlessly can be put away for better use.

Buy in bulk:

If you have the space to do so, of course. Buying in bulk means you'll save on trips to supermarkets and stores when you run out of certain essentials such as toilet rolls. By cutting down on the amount you go to stores for essentials, you'll also deter from impulse buying.

Budget to save money:

Putting together a budget keeps you in check with your finances, but when you are creating your budget, don't forget to include room to save! You can start small with the money you'd like to put aside, and grow from this. You can even set up a direct debit so the money you'd like to save comes out automatically into your savings account.


Prioritise what to save for:

The future might freak you out but it's good to think about the long-term stuff when you're putting some money away. Saving little by little now will help when you make big life changes like moving house, or if you decide to have children.

Buy second hand:

The non-essential things we buy don't necessarily need to be brand new! You can save a fortune by buying second hand "" and the money you do save, you can put away for better use. Having the latest tablet or phone is nice, but it'll set you back hundreds of pounds; a second-hand device will be in good use but a snip of what you would normally pay!

Meal plan:

Thinking about the meals you're going to eat during the week will help you to buy only what you need. Plan out what you'll be making for dinner each night, and just buy the ingredients you'll need for each dish. That way you should save on groceries and you'll eat out less.


Book in advance:

Whether it's trains or flights, booking in advance could save you some serious money. The nearer to the time you try to look travel, or tickets to shows for example, the price can go way up. If you're booking online, be sure to clear your cookies too! Viewing pages a number of times means that information is stored, so prices go up because of the interest you've shown in a flight route or hotel.

Use coupons:

There's no shame in trying to get some money off! Use codes, promotions and coupons to save yourself a few pennies. Look online for deals on restaurants, cinema or just your day-to-day necessities. The money you'll save will soon add up!

Compare providers:

We spend so much money on bills every month, and we just get used to doing so. But, if you were to compare the companies who provide the likes of electric, internet or our phone service, you could end up saving quite a bit of money with minimal effort!

Be savvy when shopping:

Sales are great when picking up stuff you need "" but make sure that's all you get. There's no use in buying items that are in the sale just for the sake of it; you'll end up spending more and creating clutter. So be smart when you do go shopping, and keep tabs on what you're buying and how much you're spending.

Making little changes to your spending habits could leave big rewards for you in the long-term! Why not start by clearing out your clutter and getting some money for it? You can with musicMagpie! Get cash for your tech, games, books and more.