7 tips to make your clear out easier

Once Christmas is over, we're left with a lot more stuff and nowhere to put it. Our homes become cluttered with the gifts we wanted (and those we didn't"¦) and sheds light on the older things we should have thrown out ages ago. Decluttering can be stressful, but we have a few tips to help ease the pain!

1) Make a list

You don't have to clear out every room in the house in one go, but you can list the rooms you want to do in order, and work your way down. Each room will have a different level of clutter "" some will require more work than others "" and that's okay. You can ease yourself in with the smallest room to get the ball rolling!

2) Pick the spot that annoys you the most

An overflowing bookshelf or an unkempt CD pile "" whichever gets under your skin, tackle it head on! You'll be relieved once it's done. Don't hang onto something that has little sentimental value. If you haven't read that jokey book you got for secret Santa, then get rid of it. Use this generally when decluttering: if you haven't used or worn the item in months or years, then why do you still have it?

3) Set timers

Decluttering is a mammoth task but you can do it in timed stages. Set an alarm on your phone when you're clearing stuff out so you don't become too overwhelmed. Don't give up on the task at hand, but take a break and allow yourself time to breathe.

4) Split out boxes

Create a system for yourself so you can keep tabs on the items you're getting rid of. Grab a few boxes "" one for the items you're going to donate, a box for the stuff you'll sell and one for the things you'll throw out. It'll be easier to manage as you move from room to room, and task to task. You'll feel happier when you make some money out of your old stuff, or give it to a worthy cause!

5) Don't be too hard on yourself!

It's okay to keep little trinkets that hold dear memories for you. You don't have to clear out everything in your house "" having keepsakes is natural. You can take pictures of some of the things that mean something to you but no longer have a place for.

6) Change your outlook on the task

Yes, decluttering is tough and can take  time. But, the benefits you'll feel afterwards far outweigh this. It's proven that clutter isn't good for your mental health as it causes stress, so cleaning out the junk will help to clear your mind.

7) Ease in the rest of the family

If you have little ones, you'll know their tastes changes regularly ""their favourite TV show  one week is completely forgotten the next. If they have toys or DVDs they haven't touched in a while, store them out of sight for a few weeks. If these items aren't missed, get rid of them for good.

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