How to transfer your data to a new phone

The biggest problem people have after buying a new phone is transferring their precious data. How do you get all of those priceless pictures and contacts from one phone to another?

The good news is phone manufacturers have made it much easier over the past few years. However, it's still not always immediately obvious how to start the data transfer process.

In this guide, you'll find tips on how to transfer your data from iPhone to iPhone, iPhone to Android and vice versa.

Transferring data from iPhone to iPhone

There are a few ways to move data from one iPhone to another. All of them are relatively quick and easy.

Transfer your data using iCloud

This is by far the easiest way to move your data. Just follow these steps:

1. Create an iCloud backup on your old device by taking these steps: Settings > Your Name > iCloud > Backup > Back Up Now.
2. Pick up your new device and select "˜Restore from iCloud backup' on the set up menu.
3. Sign into your iCloud account.
4. Select the most recent backup and enter your password.

Transfer your data using iTunes

If you'd prefer not to use iCloud, follow these steps:

1. Plug your old iPhone into your computer and open iTunes.
2. Click the iPhone icon and then click "˜Back Up Now'.
3. Click "˜Encrypt Backup' and enter a password.
4. Put your SIM card into your new device and connect it to the computer.
5. On the start up menu, select "˜Restore from iTunes backup'.
6. Click "˜Restore from this Backup' on iTunes. This will begin your data download.

Transferring data on iOS 11

If your new device runs on iOS 11, you can use Quick Start to move your data.

1. Turn on your new device and place it near your old device.
2. The "˜Set Up New iPhone' window will appear on your current device. Check your Apple ID is correct and continue.
3. Hold your old device over your new device. An animation should appear on your new device. Centre this animation using the viewfinder on your old device and a message reading "˜Finish on New [Device]' will appear.
4. Enter your passcode then set up Touch ID and Apple ID to begin the transfer of your data.

Transferring data from Android to Android

Almost all Android devices require you to either sign into or create a Google account, which is then used to sync your data. When you sign into your account on a new device, your data and apps will be ready to download straight away.

Transferring data from iPhone to Android

Let's get the bad news out of the way first: you can't transfer apps from iPhone to Android. That means you'll have to pay for any apps you bought from the App Store again.

The good news is that Google has made it much easier to transfer everything else. Just follow these steps.

Google Drive data transfer

This is the easiest option, although it uses a lot of data and power. Make sure your phone is plugged in and connected to Wi-Fi before starting.

1. Download Google Drive from the App Store.
2. Open the app and sign into your Google account.
3. Open the main menu, tap "˜Settings' then tap "˜Backup'.
4. Select everything you want to back up then press "˜Start Backup'.
5. Once the backup is complete, sign into Google Drive on your new device and download your data.

Transferring your contacts from iPhone to Android

There are two ways to transfer your contacts: your Google account or iCloud.

Using your Google account

1. On your iPhone, open "˜Settings' then select "˜Mail, Contacts, Calendars' and "˜Add Account'.
2. Sign into your Google account and sync your Contacts.
3. Sign into Google Contacts and check the sync has worked.
4. On your new device, sign into your Google account. Your contacts should appear on your new device.

Using iCloud

1. Go to "˜Settings' > "˜Mail, Contacts, Calendars' > "˜Accounts'.
2. Merge your contacts by tapping "˜iCloud' and toggling "˜Contacts' to "˜on'.
3. Sign into iCloud.com on your computer and select "˜Contacts'. Click the "˜gear' icon then click "˜Select All' and click "˜Export vCard'.
4. Sign into your Gmail account then click "˜Mail' then "˜Contacts'.
5. Click "˜More' then select "˜Import' > "˜Choose File' and import your vCard file.
6. On your new device, sign into your Google account to import your contacts.

Transferring data from Android to iPhone

Although you still can't transfer apps, Apple launched an app "" Move to iOS "" to help you transfer everything else. Connect both of your phone to a charger and Wi-Fi before carrying out these steps.

1. Download "˜Move to iOS' on Google Play.
2. Launch the app and tap "˜Next' on the Find Your Code screen.
3. On your new iPhone, select "˜Move Data from Android' from the set up menu.
4. Wait for a code to appear on your new iPhone then enter it on "˜Move to iOS'. The option to transfer your data will appear shortly after.
5. Choose the data you want to transfer then tap "˜Next'.
6. Wait for the data to transfer.

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