Should you invest in a Macbook?

Apple products are highly sought after. It's clear to see that they are incredible pieces of tech but with all of that innovation and design comes a hefty price tag.

Is a Macbook worth investing in?


Are you an iPhone, iPad or Apple Watch user? It would be a lot easier for you to sync all of your devices together. Anything you keep on your iPhone you could save onto your Macbook instead to save precious space on the device you use the most. It is pretty satisfying having all of your devices synced to the iCloud.

When it comes to viruses and malware, typically, Macs are at a lower risk than traditional Windows laptops. Macbooks aren't completely immune to these attacks, but as their userbase is considerably smaller, they experience these issues a lot less often.

Yet despite how expensive Macbooks can seem, they are absolutely worth the money! They're incredible quick, intuitive and it's hard to bog the device down to the point where it's too slow to function.

Having a Mac doesn't limit you when it comes to software. BootCamp is built into Macs, which is a program that allows you to install Windows or Linux alongside OS X. it's easy to switch between the two if you needed to, and it's great to even have the option!

Macs do last for a long time. They are built to last so you know it's a sound investment, and even if you should change your mind or upgrade your model after a while, Macbooks hold a lot of their resale value compared to traditional laptops.




If you planning on using your laptop or computer for gaming however, which many do, this isn't the device for you. Games aren't typically built with Mac in mind "" they're made for Windows laptops so when games are used on Macbooks, the lack of quality truly shows. It can be a really frustrating thing for those who are passionate about gaming.

Should anything happen to your device after your warranty has ran out, you're looking at a very expensive repair "" potentially, a lot more than you would pay for a repair with a Windows laptop.

One area where traditional laptops do incredibly well in is the vast range of choice. There are a whole heap of manufacturers who make these laptops; ranging in size, shape, weight and performance. You can have a budget for your laptop and it should "" in theory "" be easy to stick to. When it comes to Macbooks, you'll have a handful of options to choose from.

The iPhone may be one of the most popular phones out there but not everyone has one! If you aren't used to OS (the operating systems Apple devices use) you might have a hard time adjusting to it.

Backwards compatibility is more attainable when it comes to Windows laptops "" you can upgrade to the newest systems easily on older laptops, whereas the latest OS may not have all of the same features on older generations of Macs and Macbooks.

There are many reasons why you should or should not invest in a Macbook. It's a big investment, but if you know the device is going to good use, it makes sense!

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