PS5 REVEAL: What to expect from the PS5

We recently got a look into what the PS5 is going to look like – and wow is it a beaut! We can’t wait for it to grace us with stunning visuals and an enhanced way of gaming. It’s safe to say, we were all pretty blown away.

The PS5 is going to be far superior to the PS4 in almost every way. Today we’ve done a round-up of all your burning questions, as well as all the features to expect from the PS5!

There will be two different models

Two versions of the PS5 will exist. You can buy one with an Ultra HD Blu-Ray disc drive, or one without a disc drive – which is suitable for those who only want to play digitally downloaded games.

When is it being released?

At this moment in time, no real date has been set, other than “Holiday 2020”. Watch this space, as we’ll update you with the PS5 release date as soon as it’s known!

Based on previous release dates though, we don’t doubt that this will be around winter of this year. Keep an eye out!

How much will it cost?

The PS5 is rumored to cost around £599. For perspective, the PS4 initially retailed at £349. Whilst it will certainly cost more than the PS4, you can’t fault Sony for setting the price point so high, especially with all the advanced features that will grace your gaming experience.

We anticipate that the discless version of the PS5 will cost slightly less, but only time will tell.

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What kind of games can we expect on the PS5?

Quite a lot of games have been rumoured to make a debut on the PS5, including games like Gran Turismo 7, Horizon: Forbidden West, Stray, Deathloop and many more.

Native 4K resolution

4K resolution is serious business in the gaming world. Whilst the Xbox One X promises a 4K gaming experience, it’s been shown not to fully deliver. You have to take into account that most games will drop resolution in graphic-intense sequences, but this can sometimes be noticeable to the avid gamer wanting to experience crystal clear dynamics. 

Will the PS5 finally hit the mark? 

Next-gen virtual reality

Virtual reality is all the craze, especially when PlayStation VR launched – the technology has been a non-stop conversation starter in the gaming community.

In its first year alone, Sony sold 10 million VR games, meaning the PS5 absolutely has to support this technology for the VR fanbase. 

But what can we expect with the PS5’s virtual reality capabilities? The PS4 Pro has already boasted some insanely powerful experiences, which we imagine the PS5 will surpass upon release – at least we’re confident that it will!

An optical drive with 4K Blu-Ray support

Optical drive consoles are undoubtedly going to be the most popular kind people go for. There’s something nice about having a collection of physical video games at your disposal too. 

We think there’s still a lot of work to be done when streaming games on the PlayStation. A lot of players still experience lag when streaming a game, so an optical drive is more than preferable to eradicate the issue.

People weren’t happy about Sony’s statement around 4K streaming being the future, especially when their Microsoft competitors are already selling consoles that support 4K UHD Blu-Rays. We’re hoping that the PS5 also supports this too.

Higher frame rates

With the graphic potential and 4K support – the PS5 cannot skimp on performance. Games are increasingly more scrutinised than they were about 10-20 years ago, with things like graphics and physics engines being criticised more closely.

We anticipate no less than 60 FPS for PS5 games, which in the past most console games struggle to hit. The PS4 Pro’s Boost Mode was a way to push games past their frame rates, so we can only imagine that the PS5 will take this into account. Let’s wait and see if this is the case!

Photorealistic graphics

The PS2 paved the way for fantastic graphics, but how do we push past the level of games on the PS4? There’s always room for improvement which we hope to see when playing games on the PS5.

Whilst we believe the PS4 Pro definitely pushes these limits – is it bridging the gap for what’s to come? The PS5 strives for more believable and interactive graphics, which we can’t wait to witness!

Realistic physics engines

Life-like physics is something gamers marvel at when playing a new game. Some of these are usually spotted when controlling characters walking/running, wind, boundaries and many more things affected by the laws of physics!

We believe the PS5 will be a pioneer for offering more dynamic environments and improved physics engines.

What is DualSense?

DualSense is the new DualShock, providing amazing feedback to the gamer. Here are a bunch of new features to expect with the new PS5 controller:

Haptic feedback

Expect to experience sensations such as hitting the brakes in a car, being blocked by a path and a variety of other functions through your controller!

Adaptive triggers

Drawing the string of a bow or shooting a machine gun are just some things that can be felt through feedback by holding down the L2 or R2 buttons. Sony has also reported that the position of the buttons has altered ever so slightly.

Create feature

The “Create” button is akin to the Share button, but will allow gamers to share their gameplay in numerous ways.

Built-in microphone

That’s right – you might not need a headset anymore! This feature will make it far quicker to talk to your friends whilst you game.

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