free budgeting and money saving apps

The top 10 free budgeting & money saving apps

There are so many ways to save money and budget these days, but one of the easiest and most efficient ways to keep on top of your money goals is by using apps on your smartphone! You can literally save cash at your fingertips. 

We've gathered the best apps that will help you keep your finances intact, with a variety of ways to save and budget to suit you. 

Best money saving apps

person saving money using a free app

When it comes to saving money, we can all agree it can be a struggle! But not if you've got the right app to help you keep on track. Here are the best money saving apps for Android and iPhone.


The Chip app decides how much you can save depending on your ingoings and outgoings. It automatically puts a certain amount of money away for you every few days without you doing anything. First, you need to give Chip access to your bank account and it will monitor your spending and calculate how much you can afford to save each week. 

This app is available on Android and iPhone.


If you like to split your money up into different categories but it's getting a bit out of control, then this is the perfect app to help you manage your savings. This app lets you put money into different digital jars, dedicating a weekly or monthly spend to food shopping, entertainment, savings and more.

You can even create specific jars for the shops you normally spend in and earn interest too! 

Even better, if you houseshare or split bills in your household then Hyperjar enables you to share the jars equally. 

This app is available on Android and iPhone.


the monzo app

This is an online banking app that offers a variety of ways to save your money! It works like a normal bank account; you have your own current account but you also have access to savings pots, early access savings pots and spending targets to help you budget.

The saving pots, called 'Monzo Pots', are designed to help you set aside money. Money that you have in this pot won't appear on your current balance, however, you can transfer money back to your current account instantly if you need it. 

For those that don't want to save a large amount of money but just the odd bit of change here and there, Monzo has a perfect way to do that. If you create a new pot and class it as 'coin jar', Monzo will round up purchases over a pound and add the difference to the pot. These savings can add up surprisingly quickly! 

This app is available on Android and iPhone.

Oval Money

If you need a bit of inspiration and motivation whilst money saving and budgeting, then Oval Money is the app for you.

This savings account works around your spending habits and creates a set of saving rules called steps. It even has a motivator called 'Oval Coach' that sets you saving missions to help improve your habits. The more missions you complete, the more you save! You can link up your accounts to track spending too.  

To ease your mind, your account will be held in a segregated account at Barclays, so your money is covered by FSCS. 

This app is available on Android and iOS.

Best budget apps to save money

person using budgeting app with their bank account

It can be overwhelming with all the different ingoings and outgoings going on in your bank account. The best way to take control of this is by downloading an app to help you tidy up your finances and work out a plan. Here are the best budgeting apps for Android and iPhone.

Money Dashboard

Money Dashboard is a personal finance budgeting tool which connects all of your accounts and categorises your transactions for each month. You can set budgets and goals, track subscriptions, transfer money, see your balance after bills and so many more features. 

This app is available on Android and iPhone.


Did you know you can get cashback from items in the supermarket? This is a really easy way to budget and save when you do your weekly shop. This app gives shoppers a daily list of items that they can get cashback from and tells you which supermarket this is being offered at.

If you purchase any of the items on the list, take a picture of your receipt and submit it onto the app. You'll get cashback accredited to your account which you can then transfer to your bank account or PayPal. 

Just take into consideration that if you transfer less than £20, you'll be charged a fee of 5%. So just let the amount keep building up and before you know it, you could have a fair amount to transfer! 

This app is available on Android and iPhone.


There's nothing better than receiving a discount code! This app lets you browse the best deals near you or browse through top featured deals. Click the voucher button on the app and receive your code – it's that easy.

This app is available on Android and iPhone.


the Idealo app

Finding out that you've bought an item online and it's cheaper somewhere else can be a nightmare but not with the help of Idealo. If you come across something you want to buy, search for the product in the search bar in the app or scan the product to find out how much it is at different retailers.

Idealo will save you money in the long run and stop you from missing out on deals! 

This app is available on Android and iPhone.


This app is perfect to stop you going into your overdraft, cancels subscriptions you don't use and tracks any debts you have. 

These are the main features to help you budget:

  • Track spending 
  • Set budgets
  • Notifications when you receive refunds
  • Notifications for direct debits
  • Notifications when your salary has been paid 
  • Gives you a full overview of your finances

If Emma is the app for you, you can also download Emma Pro that has cashback schemes but this is a paid subscription.


Do you struggle to keep on top of your ingoings and outgoings? Don't worry! By using Yolt, you can view all of your finances in one place, for example, bank accounts, credit cards, pensions and so much more! 

These are the features you can use to budget and save money:

  • Spending is split into categories
  • Three-month spending history charts
  • Upcoming debit payments
  • Set track spending limits 
  • Monitor renewal dates for bills 

This app is available on Android and iPhone.

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