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Want to rent a phone? Here are 5 helpful tips!

Are you switching things up this year by choosing a phone rental instead of your standard phone contract? If you’re choosing to rent a phone, then there are a few things you should take into consideration to get the most out of your rental phone!

Here are 5 tips to keep in mind when renting a phone:

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Get insurance

One thing to remember when you rent a phone is that you will have to give it back at the end of your contract, so your goal should be to keep it in good condition.

If you break a phone rental, you’ll more than likely have to pay for the damages yourself. While not everyone will need insurance, it’s worth getting your phone rental insured if you’re prone to breaking things – especially if you rent an iPhone or other expensive device!

Whether you take out a separate insurance policy for your device or add it to your contents insurance, it’s easy to do! It can give you that extra peace of mind if any damage occurs to your phone.

Best of all, you can have insurance that lasts the exact length of your contract and if you decide to keep the device another year, you can extend your insurance!

Note down the end of your agreement

While this won’t help you look after your device, it will help when it comes time to upgrade or give your phone back. When you rent a phone, the first thing you want to do is note the end of your agreement and pop it on a calendar.

You will need to give back your device on time when your contract ends, otherwise, you could end up paying late penalties or worse, you could be rejected from renting a device again!

But it doesn’t have to be all about giving your phone back, as you can upgrade or keep your current device. With musicMagpie, you have the option to upgrade to a different device, end your contract and give the phone rental back, or keep the phone for another 12 months at a reduced monthly price.

Regardless of the option you choose, keeping a note of your end of agreement is a helpful tip to keep in mind!

Use screen protectors and cases

Screen protectors and cases are a great way of keeping your devices in good condition and saving them from any accidental damage like drops and scratches.

While not every case will have optimal protection, you can find some cases that were specifically designed to withstand nasty drops. If you’re looking for a good phone case to protect your phone rental, try looking for ones with drop rates and built-in shock absorbency.

As for screen protectors, these will stop your screen from getting any light scratches and can aid in protecting your screen from accidental drops too. If you tend to carry your phone and keys together, you’ll be no stranger to scratches on your screen.

Luckily, if you rent a phone or rent a tablet with musicMagpie, you’ll get a FREE case and screen protector with your device!

Keep it clean

We often forget that even our tech needs a good clean once in a while, including our phones! Every so often, grab some alcohol solution and a lint-free cloth and get to work on your phone.

Remove your phone case and gently wipe your phone down with the cloth and alcohol solution to get rid of any dust and dirt. You can also take this time to clean your case, as bits of dirt and dust can often stick to your case.

For those that rent an iPhone, Apple advises not to use compressed air, abrasive materials or cleaning products as this can damage your device.

Keep to standard temperatures

Did you know that extreme temperatures can damage your phone? Both hot and cold temperatures can affect your phone’s usage and can permanently damage your phone in some cases.

Extreme heat is notoriously bad for phones, as high temperatures can break your battery and damage the internal components of your device. In cold temperatures, your screen can become unresponsive and your phone can shut down completely.

To avoid any damage due to unruly temperatures, avoid placing your phone in exposed sunlight or extremely cold temperatures. If your phone feels hot while in use or while charging, turn off any background apps and take it out of its case.

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