The most successful BRIT Awards winners of all time

With the 2023 BRIT Awards fastly approaching, we think it's time we took a trip down memory lane – don't you? We're deep diving into the BRITS history to look back at the best and most successful BRITs winners of all time!

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Queen – 3 BRIT awards

Other honourable mentions: George Michael, Little Mix

Queen were the first ever band to receive the British Single of the Year Award (technically, they were joint-first as Procol Harum shared the award with them) for their song Bohemian Rhapsody.

The band went on to win 3 BRITs in total before frontman Freddie Mercury's death in 1991. Queen has now regrouped with a new frontman, so there is potential for more BRIT awards in the future.

Freddie Mercury won his own BRIT award in 1992, shortly after his death, for his contribution to music. To further honour the singer, the Freddie Mercury Award was established in 1996 and is given to musicians and music organisations that have done something significant for charity, such as Elton John.

The Beatles – 4 BRIT awards

Other honourable mentions: Eminem, Paul Weller, Dido, Manic Street Preachers

Even though The Beatles broke up well before the BRITs began, the group have worked up a total of 4 awards for their music.

Their first award came in 1977 at the first-ever BRIT Awards. The group won 3 awards that night: British Group, British Album of the Year and Outstanding Contribution to Music. They were even nominated for British Single of the Year but were pipped to the post by joint winners Queen and Procol Harum.

The group could still see more wins for their original work, however since lead singer John Lennon's untimely death in 1980, there won't be a reunion.

Elton John – 5 BRIT awards


Other honourable mentions: Blur, The Spice Girls

We all know Elton John is a British musical icon, but did you know he has 5 BRIT awards so far? He's even up for another award this year thanks to his hit with Ed Sheeran, Merry Christmas!

With so many hits, it's surprising that Elton John hasn't won any BRIT awards for specific singles or albums he's released. However, he's won Best British Male Solo Artist, Brits Icon, Outstanding Contribution to Music and even the Freddie Mercury Award.

Oasis – 6 BRIT awards

Other honourable mentions: Michael Jackson, David Bowie, Phil Collins, Dua Lipa

Arguably the best duo to come from the North West of England, Oasis has a clear spot as one of the most successful BRIT Awards winners of all time with 6 BRIT awards.

The Gallagher brothers won awards such as British Video of the Year and British Album of the Year with song Wonderwall and album (What's the Story) Morning Glory?

Oasis officially split up in 2009, so they're not up for any BRITs this year. In fact, they haven't won a BRIT award since 2010.

As most of us know, Noel and Liam have a rocky relationship at best, so we can't see an Oasis reunion on the horizon for the time being – we can dream, though!

Ed Sheeran – 7 BRIT awards

Other honourable mentions: Arctic Monkeys, U2, Prince, One Direction

Next up is Ed Sheeran, who has a grand total of 7 BRIT awards from his 19 years of performing, although he didn't quite get his star status until 2011 with his hit The A Team.

Sheeran joined other BRITs winners in 2012 after winning the British Breakthrough Act and British Male Solo Artist awards, after scarcely missing out on the British Single of the Year and British Album of the Year awards for his album +.

After his release of Merry Christmas with Elton John, Ed Sheeran's up for the Song of the Year award, so he could soon be bumped up the list!

Take That – 8 BRIT awards

Other honourable mentions: Annie Lennox

With 8 awards in total, Take That takes third place on our list! This British band have been around since 1990 and have been collecting BRIT awards since 1996, so it's only right that they've bagged a good few trophies over the years.

Take That haven't appeared at the BRITs since 2011, so we're pretty confident they won't be taking home any new awards any time soon – they're still producing songs though, so there's still a chance we could see them again.

Coldplay – 9 BRIT awards

Coldplay are the group that keeps on giving, and their amount of BRIT awards is proof! The band have a total of 9 awards so far, but we wouldn't put it past them to bag a few more over the years.

Coldplay have won the Best British Group award a record four times in total, the most recent win being in 2016. Since their first album back in 2001 to their newest album Music of The Spheres, they've been winning BRIT awards left right and centre!

Adele – 12 BRIT awards

Surprised that Miss Adele isn't on the top of the list? Regardless of her rank, Adele has won an astonishing 12 BRIT awards so far and we just know she's not done yet!

Since her rise to fame with her first-ever album 19, which featured hits such as Feel My Love and Chasing Pavements, she's been releasing hit after hit. She's won Best British Female Solo Artist twice, with three nominations and has taken home awards such as British Single of the Year, British Album of the Year and Artist of the Year.

While she hasn't received any nominations for this year's BRITs, we know Adele will be back in no time, ready to collect her next batch of trophies!

Robbie Williams – 13 BRIT awards

When you think of the most successful BRIT Awards winner, did Robbie from Take That come to mind? Believe it or not, Robbie Williams is technically the top BRIT Awards winner, with 13 awards to date.

Robbie won most of his awards for his solo hits such as Angels, Rock DJ and She's The One. If you count the five BRIT Awards that Take That won while Robbie was still a member, his total adds up to a whopping 18 awards, which is pretty impressive.

In most cases we'd say that's almost impossible to beat as a solo artist, however, it seems that each year Adele manages to juggle out of the BRITs with a fair few awards in hand!

For the time being, Robbie is clinging onto first place with his 13 BRIT awards in the bag, but will this still be the case after this year's winners take their trophies?

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