Is it Worth Buying Apple Watch Series 7?

Is your Apple Watch ready for an upgrade? Whether your watch is looking a bit rough around the edges or you're simply ready for some new features, there's no shame in taking a look through some newer models.

If you're looking for a newer Apple Watch that has upgraded features without a steep price point, we suggest you buy Apple Watch Series 7. Here's why the Apple Watch Series 7 is still worth buying, even after the release of the Series 8!

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When was the Apple Watch Series 7 released?

The Apple Watch Series 7 was announced in September of 2021 with a release date of October 2021, so it's still a relatively new model to consider when looking to upgrade your watch.

Since then, the Apple Watch Series 8 made its debut in September 2022, knocking the Series 7 model down from the newest Apple Watch model. Does that mean you shouldn't bother with the Apple Watch Series 7 though? We don't think so!

Why is an Apple Watch Series 7 worth it?


With the Apple Watch Series 8 still pretty fresh on the market, you may be wondering "is it worth upgrading to Apple Watch 7 now that the Series 8 is out?" Absolutely it is!

While the Series 8 might outperform the Series 7 on features and specs (and only just, at that), the price when you buy Apple Watch 7 compared to the Series 8 model is just one clear reason as to why you should consider buying the Series 7 instead.

Thanks to a little thing called depreciation, you're more likely to get a better deal on the Apple Watch Series 7, as it's no longer the newest model on the market. As new models are released, it results in the older models reducing in value, and so you'll usually find that older models have a lower price.

So if you're looking to upgrade without your bank balance taking too much of a hit, the Series 7 is a great option!


When looking at the features the Apple Watch Series 7 has to offer, it's not far from what the newest model has under its belt.

You can take the Series 7 into the shower, or even go diving (up to 50 metres), and it's fully dust-resistant. The display of the Series 7 now cascades over the edges of the watch face and has a new watchOS interface for ease of use. The glass has also been reinforced to minimize accidental damage.

In terms of sensors, the Apple Watch Series 7 offers a blood oxygen sensor, ECG function for atrial fibrillation, and an improved heart sensor. The Series 8 offers the sensors mentioned above, along with Crash Detection for drivers and body temperature tracking, with a focus on ovulation and fertility tracking.

If you're desperate for those extra features, then it may be worthwhile to purchase the Series 8. However, if you're not in need of those extra few sensors, then you won't miss out if you buy Apple Watch Series 7!


If your current Apple Watch just isn't cutting it anymore due to its small size, you'll probably benefit from upgrading to the Series 7.

The Apple Watch Series 7 has increased by 20% when compared to the previous Series 6 model. The larger OLED display is helpful when texting, reading information and looking at exercise stats.

For those thinking "which size Apple Watch 7 should I get" there are two options: 41mm and 45mm. Unlike previous models, the Series 7 offers an extra inch of display.

Wondering "which Apple Watch 7 colour should I get?" You can choose from blue, white, black, red, and a new deep green.

Battery life

Want to know if the battery will be better if you buy Apple Watch 7 compared to your older model? The Series 7 actually has the exact same lifespan as the previous model, lasting up to 18 hours.

However, the Series 7 does benefit from faster charging speeds – 33% faster, in fact. This is due to the new magnetic charging cable provided when you buy Apple Watch Series 7.

Wondering "should I charge my Apple Watch 7 every night?" While you can, thanks to the faster charging speeds, it's not necessary. Now you can simply pop your watch on charge while you take a shower, which should give you the extra battery boost you need.

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