10 Horror movie franchises to binge-watch this Halloween

It's almost Halloween, and what better way to embrace the spooky spirit of the season than by indulging in a marathon of bone-chilling horror movies? If you thrive on heart-pounding suspense, you've come to the right place!

We'll be delving into the world of horror franchises, serving up a selection of 10 hair-raising horror movie series that will have you gripping the edge of your seat all the way to Halloween night. Get ready to dive into the darkest corners of the horror genre as we uncover the most iconic and spine-tingling horror films to elevate your Halloween movie marathon.

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Friday the 13th

When it comes to iconic horror franchises, the Friday the 13th series stands tall among the terrifying titans. For decades, this franchise has been a staple of Halloween film marathons worldwide, and it's easy to see why.

The franchise first started in 1980 and follows a group of camp councillors as they were ruthlessly slaughtered one by one. As the series progressed, we were given the hockey mask-wearing, machete-wielding Jason Voorhees that horror fans can't get enough of.

With a legacy spanning multiple instalments, Friday the 13th delivers a relentless onslaught of suspense, jump scares, and gruesome gore, making it an essential addition to your Halloween horror movie lineup.

A Nightmare on Elm Street

Another haunting addition to your Halloween movie marathon is the A Nightmare on Elm Street franchise.

This iconic series introduces us to Freddy Krueger, a nightmare-stalking boogeyman who torments his victims in the most horrifying of ways – within the realm of their dreams. Freddy with his glove fitted with razor-sharp claws haunts teens in Springwood in their dreams, forcing them to try and stay awake as long as they can.

The A Nightmare on Elm Street franchise challenges the boundaries of reality and nightmares, delivering a unique brand of horror that will haunt your dreams long after the credits roll.

This classic horror franchise has been chilling audiences for decades, making it an absolute must-watch for Halloween enthusiasts and fans of the horror genre.


Nothing captures the thrill of the Halloween season quite like the Scream franchise. These horror movies not only pay homage to the genre's classics but also bring a fresh, self-aware perspective to the horror scene, unlike any other horror movie.

With a signature knife-wielding masked killer known as Ghostface, the Scream series revitalized the slasher subgenre for a new generation, offering a delightful blend of suspense and humour.

The first Scream movie follows a group of teens in Woodsboro as they are terrorized by Ghostface. The majority of the sequels continue to follow the same set of characters throughout the years as new Ghostfaces continue to threaten their lives.

If you're seeking Halloween movies that will keep you guessing and laughing nervously, Scream is the perfect addition to your horror franchise binge!

Final Destination

When it comes to Halloween horror movies that'll make you question fate itself, the 'Final Destination' franchise is a must-watch addition to your spooky marathon. These films take a unique approach to the horror genre by exploring the unnerving concept of destiny.

The franchise serves up a gripping twist on the horror genre, where we see death itself as an invisible antagonist, pursuing those who have narrowly escaped its grasp. Final Destination serves as a stark reminder that you can't cheat death, concocting intricate, gruesome death sequences that will have you squirming in your seat.

Get ready to ponder the fragility of life and the uncanny coincidences that can lead to your untimely demise in this stand-out horror franchise.


For those who crave a Halloween movie marathon filled with gore, the Saw franchise is an absolute essential. These horror films are not for the faint of heart, as they plunge viewers into a twisted world of elaborate traps and moral dilemmas.

The plot follows a serial killer called Jigsaw, who 'tests' those who he believes are ungrateful for their lives, by putting them in life-or-death traps and forcing them to fight to continue living.

Saw redefines the horror genre, offering a chilling experience that goes beyond traditional scares. With its intricate storytelling and disturbing puzzles, this franchise keeps you guessing until the very end.


No list of Halloween horror movies would be complete without paying homage to the franchise that shares its very name with the holiday itself – Halloween. This iconic series is a cornerstone of the horror genre and an absolute essential for your Halloween movie marathon.

John Carpenter's Halloween features Michael Myers, a man who is described as pure evil, as he stalks the people of Haddonfield. This franchise has a handful of different timelines, so you'll need to sit back and take note of the alternate storylines.

It's the franchise that started it all, setting the standard for Halloween horror movies and inspiring countless others. Whether you're a seasoned horror film enthusiast or just dipping your toes into the genre, Halloween is the perfect film to start your spooky movie night.

The Conjuring

When it comes to supernatural horror, The Conjuring franchise stands as a modern masterpiece, earning its place among the elite Halloween horror movies.

This chilling series, based on the real-life paranormal investigations of Ed and Lorraine Warren, has redefined the horror genre for a new generation of fans. The Warrens' battles against malevolent spirits and demonic forces will keep you glued to your screen, and their hair-raising adventures offer the perfect blend of heart-pounding terror and eerie suspense.

As you prepare for your Halloween movie marathon, don't miss the opportunity to delve into this terrifying world of supernatural horror – The Conjuring franchise is the epitome of supernatural horror that will have you sleeping with the lights on long after Halloween night!

Evil Dead

For those seeking a wild and unapologetically gruesome Halloween movie marathon, look no further than the Evil Dead franchise. These films are a thrilling testament to the unhinged side of horror movies, offering a blend of dark comedy, gore and supernatural terror.

This franchise has a few remakes as well as a couple of sequels, but the plot stays pretty similar. From the iconic chainsaw-wielding Ash to the malevolent Book of the Dead, Evil Dead has carved its place as a cult classic within the realm of Halloween horror movies.

With a legacy that spans decades, this franchise has consistently pushed the boundaries of horror films, delivering unforgettable scares that will leave you both cringing and laughing. Evil Dead is the perfect choice for those who crave a wild and unpredictable horror movie with lots of cheesy scenes and heaps of gore.


While Alien may be celebrated more for its sci-fi elements, this legendary franchise has a dark and terrifying side that makes it an essential addition to any Halloween movie marathon.

In this franchise, you'll watch Ellen Ripley battle against a variety of aliens including facehuggers, xenomorphs and the terrifying alien queen. The newer additions to the Alien franchise are predominantly prequels that offer the same jump scares and similar aliens for space crews to battle but without the final girl Ripley.

Alien transcends traditional horror films and brings a unique brand of horror to the table, unleashing visceral, heart-pounding thrills amidst the backdrop of space. So, if you're looking to elevate your Halloween horror movie experience with a touch of cosmic dread, the Alien franchise is a must-watch!

Night of the Living Dead

When it comes to Halloween horror movies, Night of the Living Dead is a timeless franchise that remains a quintessential choice.

The Night of the Living Dead franchise is one of the biggest zombie franchises, so be prepared to watch the undead walk the earth as they bite, rip and tear their way through the survivors they can find.

This iconic franchise, which pioneered the modern zombie genre, serves up a heaping dose of undead terror that has thrilled audiences for generations. George A. Romero's groundbreaking films redefined the horror genre and set the stage for the modern zombie craze, making it an absolute must-watch for Halloween enthusiasts.

It's a timeless classic that will leave you questioning your survival instincts, making it an essential addition to your horror movie marathon and a standout among horror franchises.

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