5 surprising early versions of your favourite tech

Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither were your tech products. The chances are it went through loads of iterations before emerging as the sleek device you love today, and some of these iteratations are…well, pretty shocking, to be honest. Here are some surprising early versions of beloved gadgets. …

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Someone taking a photo with an iPhone 6

5 ways smartphones have made life a million times better

There’s a lot of talk online about how bad smartphones are. According to various news outlets, they’ve turned us into screen-addicted anti-social zombies with shorter attention spans than goldfish and a deep-seated fear of missing out on even the most trivial of events. We’ve even written about smartphone addiction ourselves. …

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iPhone 6

The Sun finds musicMagpie pays more for iPhones!

According to research by top national newspaper The Sun, musicMagpie pays more than our competitors for 12 out of 15 iPhones! Source: The Sun They found that we pay the most for all models of the iPhone 5, iPhone 5c, iPhone 5s and iPhone 6 Plus, while offering one of …

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Feat Phones

Should you downgrade your phone?

Do you ever catch yourself scrolling through Facebook and wonder “why do I spend so much time doing this?” You’re not alone. Although smartphone ownership is at a record high and the average Brit spends over 20 hours a week on the internet, not all of us are happy about …

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Apple Logo

What will Apple make next?

Apple is the most valuable company in the world, raking in more cash per year than most small countries. So everyone was understandably concerned when Apple announced they made slightly less money than usual last year. Sales fell by around £5.5 billion, the first time they’ve declined in 13 years, …

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HTC One M8

6 older (and cheaper!) smartphones that are still amazing

When you’re in the market for a new phone, it’s tempting to splash out £600 on the latest flagship or tie yourself into a 24 month contract just to get the newest handset possible. You don’t need to though. There are plenty of older phones on the market that are …

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