Who are the most sampled artists in hip hop?

Sampling in hip hop is an age old tradition that takes a piece of music and elevates it to something completely different. It's super common – it would be a surprise if your favourite rap tracks didn't have some hook or beat that's been taken from elsewhere to make it …

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13 artists and bands you need to see live before you (or they) die

Muse Lasers! Explosions! Flying band members! Muse's live show is every bit as ridiculous as their live albums, with Matt Bellamy strutting around like an alien-obsessed Freddie Mercury and over-the-top renditions of their entire back catalogue. The good news is that Muse should be around for a while yet, and …

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5 bands that keep getting better

In terms of longevity, most bands are like chewing gum: delicious at first but bland and predictable after a while. Some are even like milk, going rotten and horrible after a couple of albums. Some bands, though, age like the finest of fine wines, saving their greatest work for later …

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