Runcible Phone

5 of the best smartphones you’ve never heard of

The likes of Samsung, Apple, HTC and LG have such a grasp on the smartphone market that its easy to forget there are hundreds of other manufacturers out there creating geniunely brilliant handsets. Here are a few fantastic smartphones you may not have heard of… Saygus V2 The Saygus V2 …

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Utopia in Progress

The Best of Mobile World Congress 2015 (so far)

The Mobile World Congress is one of the biggest events in the tech calendar, with the world’s biggest tech companies descending on Barcelona to reveal their new products to the world. The event is actually still ongoing, but there’s been so much cool new stuff announced already that we had …

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10 console-quality games you can play on your phone right now

Remember the days when ‘mobile gaming’ meant guiding an ever-expanding pixel-snake towards small blocks of ‘food’ without eating itself? It’s fair to say mobile gaming has come a long way since then, with console quality games the norm rather than the exception. So, if you’re looking for something a bit …

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Samsung Unpacked

2015’s most anticipated smartphones

Ahead of the Mobile World Congress next month, we take a look at some of this year’s most anticipated smartphones. iPhone 7/iPhone 6s The iPhone 6 has only been out for a few months but the Apple rumour mill is gearing up again already. One of the main rumours doing …

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7 highly original app games you should check out right now

Bored of the same old freemium strategy games and endless runners? Then check out some of the weird and wonderful (but alway brilliant) games in this post! Badland A huge machine is crushing a fantasy dreamworld and its your job to help the world’s fuzzy little inhabitants escape. To do …

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Feat Phones

5 classic phones that we miss dearly

N-Gage Is it a handheld games console? Is it a phone? No, it’s the Nokia N-Gage and it’s the most ridiculous excuse for a mobile phone ever created. Designed to replace both the Game Boy Advance and whatever phone you were using at the time, the N-Gage didn’t do a …

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4 incredibly fun new mobile games

There’s a whole world of games sitting in your mobile phone, just waiting to be played. Unfortunately, finding the decent games among the hordes of clones, rip-offs and generally awful titles is a momumental task that would cause most people to break down in tears and swear off gaming for …

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Super Hexagon

6 phone-smashingly frustrating mobile games

What do you look for in a good mobile game? Most people would say fun, and some would possibly say a bit of a challenge. No-one would say an experience so frustrating that you’ll feel like banging your head against the nearest hard surface before launching your phone into the …

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