Habit RPG

The Surprisingly Easy App of the Week: HabitRPG

Every Thursday, we bring you an app that'll make your life easier. This week, it's the turn of HabitRPG; a productivity app that turns your life into a real-life video game.

What is it?

HabitRPG, as the name suggests, is a productivity app that combines a traditional to-do list with an RPG.

You start with a basic character with basic equipment. As you create and complete tasks, you gain experience and gold to spend on virtual and real-life rewards (like new armour, or treating yourself to an episode of your favourite TV show).

Essentially, the tasks you complete on a daily basis are HabitRPG's equivalent of the "˜grinding' (that's killing lots of dragons and mages to earn experience) traditional RPGs specialise in.

Tasks are split into habits, which can be used to promote positive habits and discourage negative ones; dailies, which is the kind of stuff you do on a daily basis; and to-dos, which are longer term tasks.

While completing tasks will help you advance in the game, failing to complete tasks will deplete your health. If lose all of your health, you'll regress a level "" and all your hard work will be undone!

Why is it surprisingly easy?

The game itself is actually quite good, and you'll feel compelled to complete tasks to progress. You can pick classes, customise your character, raise pets and go on quests.

There are some decent social features too, including the ability to join a party with up to 3 other players. Not only does make the game a bit less lonely, but it means you're all accountable for each other's progress.

How will it change your life?

You'll get much more done and you'll have fun doing it too. What more could you ask for?

Any downsides?

If you aren't a fan of RPGs, this app probably isn't going to appeal. Equally, it's not the most "˜professional' of productivity apps; you won't want to whip it out in a high-powered meeting and admit that you need a game to force you into doing stuff.

Like with all productivity apps, HabitRPG requires a lot of commitment on the part of the user too. You need to use the app everyday to properly reap the benefits.

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