The Surprisingly Easy App of the Week: Mosband

Every Thursday, we bring you an app that'll make your life a little bit easier. This week, it's the turn of Mosband, an app that promises to freshen up your relationship and win you innumerable brownie points.

What is it?

Mosband is a portmanteau of model husband, which is exactly what the app wants to turn you into. To do this, it provides a series of nice gestures to please your other half, such as buying flowers, cooking them breakfast or taking them to a Motorhead concert (okay, that last one isn't actually on there, but you never know).

Despite the name, the app is just as handy for becoming a model wife as most of the tips are suitable for both sexes (although we're not sure how many chaps would be pleased to receive a bouquet of flowers…).

Why is it surprisingly easy?

You can scroll through ideas using two arrow ideas, so you can skip any you don't like. Once you've used an idea, you can tick it off so it doesn't come up again. Every idea you tick earns you Mosband points, which can be spent on…well, we're not exactly sure yet, but they're fun to collect and prove what a fantastic partner you are.

The best bit

Reminders, reminders, reminders. It's not always easy to remember to make romantic gestures, even if you're a dyed-in-the-wool love machine, so the reminder feature is really, really useful.

You can set a reminder for every day, every week or every month, depending on how loved up you're feeling.

And, in a potentially relationship-saving move, you can also set a reminder for your anniversary.

Any downsides?

Like all apps of this nature, Mosband can't physically force you into making a romantic gesture. You might want to keep the fact you're getting all of your romantic ideas from an app a secret too…

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