Bridget Jones

If famous romcoms were set in 2016

Ah, romcoms – the standard Valentine's Day fodder. Boy meets girl, girl falls in love with boy, and one way or another they both live happily ever after. Love them or hate them, romantic comedies have been gracing our screens since the 1930s, but how different would our favourite tales of romance be if they were set in 2016?

Jones Blog

Who keeps a diary anymore? In this day and age Bridget Jones would probably be sharing all the details of her dating disasters on her WordPress blog, and posting about her failed dieting attempts on Twitter.

10 Things I Hate About You

If Shakespearian influenced teen movie did click-bait. Number 7 may or may not be a shocking fact about Heath Ledger.

Unfriending Sarah Marshall

After seeing one too many pictures of Sarah and her new boyfriend having an amazing time in Hawaii, Peter eventually unfriends Sarah on Facebook. But he goes back for a good stalking session now and again, just to check she's not too happy.

When Harry Facetimed Sally

Harry and Sally keep in touch over Facetime now and again. The diner scene happens over an iPhone and a free Wi-Fi connection.

My Best Friend's Wedding Pinterest Board

Julianne's plot to steal Michael includes sabotaging her best friend's Wedding Pinterest Board and pinning peach wedding dresses with puffed sleeves.

While You Were Looking At Your Phone

Peter is mugged at the train station and falls off the platform onto the railway tracks. Ticket seller Lucy, meanwhile, is trying to complete level 234 of Candy Crush Saga.

Do you have any other suggestions for updated romcoms?

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