Recommends 24th August

Magpie Recommends: The best new and upcoming music, featuring Izzy Bizu, Myrkur, S U R V I V E & more!

Finding new music to listen to is pretty daunting, with tons of new albums hitting shelves (or whatever the internet equivalent is) every week.

Luckily, we're here to help. Every Wednesday, we're going to share some of the albums we've been listening over the past week, as well as some upcoming albums we're looking forward to.

This week, we've been listening to a bit of metal, some 80s synth goodness and a couple of Britain's hottest new acts!

A Moment of Madness "" Izzy Bizu

British singer-songwriter Izzy Bizu is one of the hottest acts of the moment, with a place on the BBC's Sound of 2016 list and the theme to the BBC's Euro 2016 coverage under her belt already.

Her debut album A Moment of Madness is almost certain to send her to new heights. Its heady combination of pop, R&B, soul and jazz is catchy enough to light up the charts but complex and adventurous enough to please those who demand a little more from their music too.

If this isn't one of the biggest albums of the year, we'll eat multiple hats (no top hats, though).

A Moment of Madness will be released on 2nd September on Epic

Pre-order A Moment of Madness by Izzy Bizu on CD

Pre-order A Moment of Madness by Izzy Bizu on Vinyl

Mausoleum "" Myrkur

Think of black metal and you no doubt think of church burnings, screaming and heavily distorted guitars backed by insanely fast drums.

Myrkur are a little different. A one woman solo black metal act, Myrkur's debut album M received critical acclaim last year for combining the traditional elements of the genre with post rock elements and ethereal vocals.

Recorded live in a mausoleum (obviously), Mausoleum sees Myrkur stripping back the tracks from M so far that they practically sound like new material, replacing distorted guitars and blastbeats with delicate piano and acoustic guitars. The result is one of the most haunting and beautiful albums of the year.

Mausoleum is out now on Relapse Records

Buy Mausoleum by Myrkur on CD

Buy Mausoleum by Myrkur on Vinyl

RR7349 "" S U R V I V E

Even if you haven't heard of S U R V I V E, you may have heard their music: they're the band responsible for the awesome Stranger Things soundtrack.

Like Stranger Things, S U R V I V E's music takes the best parts of the 80s "" the sweet retro synths and the retro-futuristic vibe "" and updates it for the 21st century, with catchy melodies and beats it's impossible not to dance to.

RR7349 by S U R V I V E is out on 30th September on Relapse Records

Pre-order RR7349 by S U R V I V E on CD

Pre-order RR7349 by S U R V I V E on Vinyl

Death Resonance "" Soilwork

Melodic death metal legends Soilwork turn 20 this year, but they're showing no signs of slowing down. If anything, they're actually getting better with age!

Death Resonance is a collection of bonus tracks from the band's previous albums, although pretty much all of them could easily have sat on the main tracklist.

However, the real highlights of Death Resonance are the two new tracks: Helsinki and Death Resonance. With catchy melodic riffs, huge choruses and lead singer Bjorn "˜Speed' Strid on top form, they show just why Soilwork are one of the best metal bands around.

Death Resonance is out now on Nuclear Blast

Buy Death Resonance by Soilwork on CD

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100 – The Hunna

Top quality rock bands have become one of Britain's biggest exports over the past couple of years, with Royal Blood, Blossoms and Catfish and the Bottlemen just a few of the acts enjoying huge success on both sides of the pond.

You can now add The Hunna to that list too. The Hertfordshire rockers' debut album arrives with a lot of hype but more than matches it, with the likes of Bonfire, We Could Be and Still Got Blood guaranteed to become staples of indie club nights and the festival circuit (in fact, you can catch the band at this weekend's Reading and Leeds Festival).

100 is released this Friday on High Time Records

Pre-order 100 by The Hunna on CD

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