Magpie Recommends: Bon Iver, Alter Bridge, Goat and more!

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22, a Million "" Bon Iver

To say 22, a Million is a little different to previous Bon Iver records is an understatement. Foregoing the sparse wood cabin acoustics of For Emma, Forever Ago, Vernon and co instead dive headlong into experimental electronica with glitchy beats, ambient synths, and even the occasional flourish of brass. Vernon's guest appearances with James Blake and Kanye West clearly left an impression.

At the centre of it all are Vernon's vulnerable vocals, but they've changed too. On most of the tracks, they're fed through a vocoder, creating an otherworldy-yet-emotional sound. It's how we imagine a confessional singer-songwriter will sound in 200 years time.

Luckily, all that experimentation, which even extends to the track titles (22 (OVER S∞∞N), 715 "" CRΣΣKS and 33 "GOD", anyone?), pays off. This is a stunning record that is unlike anything else you'll hear this year.

22, a Million is out on 30th September on Jagjaguwar

Pre-order 22, a Million by Bon Iver on CD

Pre-order 22, a Million by Bon Iver on Vinyl

(We also highly recommend reading this extensive commentary written by Justin Vernon's friend Trevor Hagen on 22, a Million and the events leading up to the record. It's a brilliant companion piece that delves into the record's themes and creative process).

The Last Hero "" Alter Bridge

Alter Bridge are one of the world's biggest rock bands, packing out arenas across the globe with heavy-yet-catchy riffs and anthemic, uplifting choruses.

A lot of bands who get that big end up stagnating, but not Alter Bridge. The Last Hero is the sound of a band at peak confidence, with songs like Show Me a Leader boasting huge choruses and epic wailing solos that belong in arenas and at festivals.

It doesn't reinvent the wheel, but it doesn't need to; when you're as good as Alter Bridge, just doing what you do well is more than enough. The Last Hero is an essential listen for any rock fan!

The Last Hero is out on 7th October on Napalm Records

Pre-order The Last Hero by Alter Bridge on CD

Pre-order The Last Hero by Alter Bridge on Vinyl

Drive OST

Drive is a cool movie for a number of reasons: Ryan Gosling's silent-yet-strong performance, Ryan Gosling's jacket and, of course, the fact that it stars both Ron Perlman and Bryan Cranston.

The main reason it's cool, though, is the soundtrack. The opening sequence set to Kavinsky's deliciously retro Nightcall is unforgettable, while College's A Real Hero is The Gos' caring but violent protagonist's very own theme song. Under Your Spell by Desire, Tick of the Clock by Chromatics and Oh My Love by Riz Ortolani round off an incredible first half.

The other half of Drive's soundtrack, a series of entirely instrumental tracks by legendary composer Cliff Martinez, is underappreciated but just as brilliant. It's tense and thrilling, the kind of music that's fun to drive around pretending you're up to no good to.

And now, as if it wasn't cool enough already, the Drive OST is being released on vinyl to celebrate the film's 5th anniversary. We're putting on our jackets in anticipation already.

Drive is out on 30th September on Invada Records

Pre-order the Drive OST on Vinyl

Requiem "" Goat

Although Requiem is their third album, no-one knows much about Swedish psychedelic band Goat. Decked out in outlandish cult costumes and masks, they claim to be the latest incarnation of a long-running voodoo-worshipping group from the town of Korpilombolo.

Unsurprisingly, their music is just as mysterious. Requiem is a potent mix of world music influences and trippy psychedelia, like the soundtrack to a raucous night spent dancing around a bonfire at a pagan ritual. Goat describe it as their folk album, although it's definitely more David Lynch than David Crosby.

Don't let any of this put you off though. Requiem is a mesmerising record that's hard to forget, like a dream you can't stop thinking about. Give it a listen if you fancy something different.

Requiem is out on 7th October on Rocket Records

Pre-order Requiem by Goat on CD

Sonoran Depravation "" Gatecreeper

With track titles like Craving Flesh and Rotting As One, it's no surprise that Gatecreeper's Sonoran Depravation is a pretty heavy record.

The American death metallers made quite a name for themselves with their self-titled debut EP, a thrilling slice of old school death metal mixed with crust punk and doom.

The good news is that their debut full length, Sonaran Depravation, is even heavier. This is death metal at its brutal finest, with brutal mid-tempo buzzsaw riffs and furious guttural vocals powerful enough to get you headbanging or starting an impromptu mosh pit just about anywhere.

Old school death metal has been enjoying something of a revival over the past few years, with bands like Vallenfyre leading the charge. Sonoran Depravation should cement Gatecreeper's status as one of the genre's most exciting bands too.

Sonoran Depravation is out on 7th October on Relapse Records

Pre-order Sonoran Depravation by Gatecreeper on CD

Pre-order Sonoran Depravation by Gatecreeper on Vinyl

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