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Magpie Recommends: Pixies, The Shires and more!

Want something new to wrap your ears around? We're here to help! Here are some of our favourite new and upcoming albums, all of which you can find on the musicMagpie Store.

Head Carrier – Pixies

For better or worse, Pixies will always live in the shadow of Surfer Rosaand Doolittle. It's the reason the first album after their comeback, , got some quite scathing reviews even though it's actually pretty good.

Head Carrier, the band's 2nd album since their reformation (and their second with bassist/vocalist Kim Deal) isn't Surfer Rosa or Doolittle. There are songs that might fit onto those records, like <Oona, but this is the sound of Black Francis and co as they are now. And as it turns out, that's still pretty brilliant too.

Head Carrier is full of the big fuzz-laden riffs and dreamy, melodic choruses we've come to expect from the band, with songs like Oona and All I Think About Now Baal's Back and Um Chagga Lagga employing some wild rockabilly punk riffs.

There's no denying that Head Carrier isn't as experimental as some of the Pixies' previous work, but that doesn't matter when the songs are this strong.

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My Universe – The Shires

Even though country has always been a popular genre in the UK, we've never produced our own huge country act – until now.

Despite only forming in 2013, The Shires – AKA singer-songwriter duo Ben Earle and Chrissie Rhodes – are already the biggest British country act ever: their debut album was the first top 10 record by a UK country act ever, they've played Glastonbury and, to top it all off, they recently signed with a major Nashville label – the first British act to ever do so.

With My Universe, The Shires could well become one of the biggest British bands of any genre. This isn't your standard country; it's catchy, incredibly well-written country pop in the vein of earlier Taylor Swift. The likes of Beats to Your Rhythm and Drive are authentic country, but have enough crossover appeal to please those who don't regularly listen to country too.

All in all, My Universe could be the album that catapults The Shires to new heights. Give it a listen!

My Universe is out now on CD. The vinyl edition of the album is released on 7th October.

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13 Voices – Sum 41

2016 is the year of the pop punk comeback, with Blink 182 and Good Charlotte both releasing new albums over the past few months. Now, it's Sum 41's turn.

Don't go expecting the same cheeky upbeat songs we know them for though. A lot has happened since Sum 41's heyday, including the near-death of lead singer Deryck Whibley from alcoholism.

It's that experience which inspires 13 Voices, which is a strong mix of fast-paced melodic punk like Fake My Own Death and huge anthems like God Save Us All and War.

Speaking about the album, Whibley told Alt Press: "This new music represents the journey I've been on throughout the process of making this record."

"I had to fall in order to rise, and nothing feels better than to have something you love that you had to really fight for. I can honestly say that 13 Voices saved my life and I cannot wait to share it with all of you."

13 Voices is a brilliant collection of uplifting, powerful punk and alt rock from a band that has been through hell and survived. Welcome back, Sum 41.

13 Voices is released on Friday 7th October

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Sport – Powell

It's nigh-on impossible to describe Powell's music in words, but we'll have a go any way! Sport is a collection of noise-influenced techno, like dance music fed composed by an avant-garde artist then put through a post-punk filter.

Take Frankie, for example. Opening with static and noise, it eventually bursts into a danceable beat and a lead vocal that wouldn't sound out of place on a house song. Eventually, the noise piles on; bursts of static, noise and even a wailing guitar solo. It's unsettling but impossible not to move to, a bit like a party in a dystopian night club.

Like we said, Powell's music is difficult to describe but if you enjoy experimental music that pushes the boundaries to exciting and enthralling effect, give this a listen. You'll struggle to find anything else like it.

Sport is released on Friday 14th October

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Do Hollywood – The Lemon Twigs

The Lemon Twigs are a psychedelic pop rock band from New York, drawing influence from the Beatles, The Beach Boys, Brian Wilson, Sparks, glam rock and a whole lot more.

The result is a highly unique album that sounds new and old at the same time, like the Beatles if they lasted beyond the 60s and started experimenting with prog in the 70s. Songs bound from breezy verses to psychedelic guitar swirls to full on xylophone solos in a matter of minutes, making Do Hollywood a compelling and rewarding listen.

Given their sound and the complexity of their songs, you'd be forgiven for thinking The Lemon Twigs are an old band but they aren't; remarkably, the brothers behind the band, Brian and Michael D'Addarrio, are still in their teens!

Do Hollywood is released on Friday 14th October

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