Magpie Recommends - 12th October

Magpie Recommends: The Dillinger Escape Plan, Saint Motel, Jamie Lidell and more!

There are loads of amazing new albums hitting the musicMagpie Store over the next few months. Here are a few of the records we recommend you check out this week; come back next Wednesday for even more!

Dissociation "" The Dillinger Escape Plan

Dissociation is the final album by mathcore legends The Dillinger Escape Plan and, if the tracks released so far are anything to go by, it's a hell of a goodbye.

As you'd expect from TDEP, Dissociation is packed with frantic riffs and odd time signatures, like a metal track disassembled and put back together in an angular fashion. Tracks like Limerent Death will slot perfectly into TDEP's infamous live show, which usually involves a lot of stagediving and often ends with at least one member of the band covered in blood.

TDEP's more melodic side is on full display on Dissociation too, with Symptom of Terminal Illness boasting the kind of chorus that made Farewell, Mona Lisa and One of Us is the Killer so popular. Vocalist Greg Puciato is at the top of his game too, displaying his full range from manic screams to smooth singing that wouldn't sound out of place on a top 40 pop records.

All in all, Dissociation is The Dillinger Escape Plan at their finest and a fitting farewell to one of rock and metal's most innovative bands. Make sure you go check them out on their upcoming UK tour!

Dissociation is out this Friday on Party Smasher Inc. Keep an eye out for a more in-depth look on the blog later this week!

Pre-order Dissociation by The Dillinger Escape Plan on CD

Pre-order Dissociation by The Dillinger Escape Plan on Vinyl

Saintmotelelevision "" Saint Motel

Even if you've never heard of Saint Motel, you've undoubtedly heard their megahit My Type; as well as featuring in FIFA 15, it was the soundtrack to a fair few adverts too.

The lead single from Saint Motel's debut, Move, harks back to My Type with similarly cheery trumpets and an equally infectious chorus that'll get stuck in your head for days. Don't be surprised if you hear it a lot in the coming months!

However, Saintmotelevision also displays a more experimental side to the band, with second single You Can Be You a prime example. With a litany of sound effects and a wonderful guitar solo, it veers onto the "˜indie' side of Saint Motel's "˜indie pop' sound and even ventures towards prog. Fans of bands like Portugal. The Man and MGMT may enjoy it.

Saint Motel have also released two "˜360 Virtualizer' videos for Move and You Can Be You, which combine elements of visualizers, lyrics videos, live performance and animation into a VR-like experience. They're well worth checking out!

Saintmotelevision is out this Friday on Atlantic Records

Pre-order Saintmotelevision by Saint Motel on CD

Building a Beginning "" Jamie Lidell

Jamie Lidell's Building a Beginning is a soul album with a modern twist, like a Stevie Wonder record if Stevie made it in 2016 and had a background in techno.

The result is an interesting, hugely enjoyable on pop-soul, with tracks like Walk Right Back practically pushing you to dance and sing along while tracks like Julian are a little more laid back. The electronica embellishments Lidell adds throughout the album give it a unique vibe too.

Building a Beginning is a brilliant modern soul record; if you like Stevie Wonder, Chaka Khan or anything of that ilk, check it out!

Building a Beginning is out this Friday on Jajulin Records

Pre-order Building a Beginning by Jamie Lidell on CD

Pre-order Building a Beginning by Jamie Lidell on Vinyl

Chemical Miracle "" Trophy Eyes

The melodic punk scene is in rude health at the moment, with bands like Neck Deep and Knuckle Puck achieving mainstream popularity with their big choruses and infectious riffs.

Chemical Miracle could catapult Australia's Trophy Eyes to similar heights too. It's huge melodic punk with some pop elements thrown in for good measure, with tracks like Breathe You In demonstrating the band's ear for a catchy hook and an epic chorus.

Trophy Eyes have a strong hardcore influence too, with Chlorine and Heaven Sent balancing their more melodic moments with some furious and powerful screaming.

Chemical Miracle is out this Friday on Hopeless Records

Pre-order Chemical Miracle by Trophy Eyes on CD

Pre-order Chemical Miracle by Trophy Eyes on Vinyl

Voices "" Wormrot

Grindcore isn't everyone's cup of tea but if you're partial to some of the fastest, heaviest and loudest music around, we heartily recommend checking out Voices, the latest album from Singaporean cult favourites Wormrot.

Like all good grindcore, the songs on Voices are short but unrelentingly brutal. Most clock in at under 2 minutes but pack in relentless blastbeats, pit-worthy riffs and guttural vocals that sound like they're coming from a particularly angry demon.

If you like Pig Destroyer, Napalm Death, Magrudergrind or extreme music in general, Voices will be right up your alley. If you're not into that kind of thing… well, give it a listen anyway. You might be surprised!

Voices is out this Friday on Earache Records

Pre-order Voices by Wormrot on Vinyl

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